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Abe Lyman and His Orchestra | Concertzender

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Record companies became interested. This resulted in hundreds of recordings for Brunswick alone. The orchestra has performed and produced films soundtracks for cartoons. Abe Lyman skillfully responded to the development of musical styles in the 1920s and 1940s. Charlie Chaplin served twice as a guest conductor and conducted his own pieces. One of the few dance orchestras in LA in the 1920s, it managed to achieve national fame all the way to the East Coast. In 1929 they went on a European tour.

Perfect interaction – high degree groupness – is one of the characteristics of an orchestra. The arrangements show beautiful tonal contrasts between groups of instruments. Individual soloists form a unique quality. With their special techniques, they create sounds that still surprise.

Shake that thing is the spicy opening of this show which ends in a thrilling finale. It was a hit in Lyman’s production. Text “shake that thing” also takes the form of a song. What is meant that thing? It’s up to the listener’s imagination.

The following The Blues miss you begins with a chromatic descent into the composition above which the soloist appears – a figure that seems to have no end and that recurs later in the piece. Program creator Ate van Delden characterizes this work “pure hot gaming the best New Orleans tradition.”

The well-known military horn signal is one of music Bugle Call Rag. A solo signal may or may not sound variable in several instruments, sometimes also polyphonic.
And so each song has its own character.

Details in the guide.

Classic Jazz – Ate van Delden’s program

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