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San Isidro Fair: David Galván increases his credit | Culture

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David Galván was awaited with fair expectation after the proven bullfighting he demonstrated on the 22nd against the El Torero bulls. He has entered this bullfight to replace Manzanares, who was sick with pneumonia, and he has increased his bullfighting credit after another performance dotted with touches of inspiration.

The two low shots with his left hand with which he first began the task exuded exquisite taste, and as such they were received by the parish, which was very favorable to the bullfighter since his appearance in the ring. What was seen later was a commendable attitude, knowledge of the land, established the plant, bullfighter feeling, the possession of a mystery, a sense of connection and enchanting details. Thus, long muletazos emerged from both sides, an evident expression that he feels the bullfighting and expresses it naturally. The natural ones were very well drawn, buttoned at the bottom in an excellent way; and when the bull went out he finished his task with some muleta blows with the genuflexed opposite leg that exuded finesse and style.

Lackluster was the fifth, meek like everyone, who let go of his face in each charge, complicated in a word, before whom he once again showed dedication to steal muletazos that the bull did not have. It was an insistent task that not only had the result of clean crutches from both hands that failed to get the job off the ground.

But there remains the bullfighting feeling of David Galván, deserving of more business attention after his successful time in San Isidro.

At his side, a consecrated man, Daniel Luque, who came to say in his first bull that he passed with flying colors the examinations for the chair in bullfighting and this afternoon, in Las Ventas, he gave another master class of his, but like someone who doesn’t want the thing, like just another class, without giving themselves the slightest importance.

Perhaps for this reason, the public, more accustomed to spectacular bullfighting, did not give him the due importance, so that when he finished with a half-thrust through the bullfight, everything ended in an applause of commitment.

But the truth is that Luque had a great time with that animal, tame and distracted on the way out, on a short trip and with his face always at half height. He soon took the measure of his lackluster opponent, and planted on the right ground at all times, he projected an image of security and confidence with such determination that the animal had no choice but to accept the fighter’s instructions, which were none other than resort to deception and accept his command. Thus, clean muletazos emerged, always tight, before opting for a real arrimón, the kind that gives goosebumps because the bull’s fine pitons sometimes brushed the saddle bag and other times the face of the bullfighter himself. In this way, he squeezed out the very few qualities of the animal, and drew an exquisite change of hands before the final half-thrust. Tame, too, and equally lackluster was the behavior of the fourth, and the fight was complicated by the appearance of gusts of wind that hindered the work of the bullfighter, less brilliant, although equally willing than the previous bull.

Alternative confirmation ceremony for Víctor Hernández, dressed in white and gold.Juanjo Martín Efe

And a good impression, I hope it will be useful for the future, left the young Víctor Hernández, the afternoon of the confirmation of his alternative. He walked the walk ready to give his all, very brave and dedicated at all times, although his personality did not allow him many flourishes.

His first, a hat by Juan Manuel Criado, put up a brave fight in the first encounter with the horse that he knocked down with a crash after pushing with all his soul; He galloped in banderillas with some violence, but he arrived with little strength to the final third. Hernández received him with statuary tightness, and took advantage of his opponent’s noblest face to deliver muletazos of a certain depth, the result of his insistence and decision. The sixth was not in charge of attacking, very tame and violent throughout the fight. The bullfighter was very brave and began the final third with three blows from the back with three muleta blows in the very center of the ring, with his feet very still, but his display of courage did not serve to increase his brilliance due to the bull’s complications, aggravated by streaks of wind that, at times, left him at the mercy of his opponent. A stab with a withering effect was a culmination of a solvent confirmation of an alternative.

Alcurrucén-El Cortijillo/Luque, Galván, Hernández

Two bulls, first and second, of The Cortijillo -the first, returned as invalid- and four of Alcurrucén, poorly presented, meek, very outcast, lackluster and bottomless; hat of Juan Manuel Criadocorrect in presentation, brave on the horse, noble and bottomless on the crutch.

Daniel Luke: half crossed (ovation); puncture, lying and rear thrust and a madness (silence).

David Galvan, substitute for Manzanares, convalescing from pneumonia: short thrust _notice_ (request and return); puncture _notice_ puncture (palms).

Victor Hernandez, which confirmed the alternative: puncture _notice_ almost completely lying down and behind and a madness (ovation); _notice_ lunge (ovation).

Plaza de las Ventas. May 30. Eighteenth run of the San Isidro Fair. Full (21,016 spectators, according to the company).

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