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This expedition was looking for the northernmost flower in the world

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Inuit Qeqertaat (or Kaffeklubben Island, as Danish explorers called it at the beginning of the 20th century) is the northernmost point a human can set foot on. The island consists mainly of dark gray gravel and is located just off the northern coast of Greenland.

In the hunt for the northernmost flower

The Earth is warming four times faster than the global average, and changes here have global consequences. To see if life can be found in this remote area, National Geographic explorers Brian Buma and Jeff Kerby decided to brave arctic conditions with the team.

Rosemary Wardley, NGM staff; Martin Gamache, National Geographic Society Sources: Jeff Kerby, Scott Polar Research Institute; Brian Buma, Environmental Defense Fund; SkySat images on July 13, 2023, Planet Labs PBC; ArcticDEM, version 4.1

On the gravel plain, scientists discovered the northernmost plant in the world, a common species of moss (Tortula mucronifolia). And just half a meter south of there grew a yellow and lime green flower of the poppy family: A rooted poppy.

Polar trip in pictures

Greenlandic archaeologist Aka Simonsen discovered a circle of seven-hundred-year-old stones on a nearby continent, probably left by Thule, the ancestors of the Inuit. They may be the northernmost archaeological remains in the world.

See here how the search went and what the researchers found.

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