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RED Friday June 2024 – La Térmica

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Friday, June 7, 2023 | 18:00 to 00:00 hours

Donation entry from May 27 at 8:00 p.m.:

La Térmica will celebrate its second RED Friday of the year on June 7, one of the most consolidated and emblematic events of the contemporary culture center of the Provincial Council of Málaga. In this new stage, the format takes a turn towards a meeting of living arts, with more music, theater, dance and performance, with design and fashion in a dynamic and diverse program of six uninterrupted hours, which will pay special attention to the LGBT+ theme in Pride month.

The objective is to propose an immersive art experience and, for this, we will have concerts by Fran Laoren, Lisasinson, Humo y Óxido, García Picasso, the sets of DJs Dennis More and Moderno and the performances and performances by Carlos Novella, Judith Gómez and Alejandro Morales. In addition, the RED Fashion Capsule will show the creations of seven Malaga designers.

Likewise, we must highlight the solidarity nature of this new stage, so the tickets will go to five NGOs: the association in defense of care for anorexia nervosa and bulimia Adaner, the association for the inclusion of people with Down, Down Málaga, AVOI, the childhood cancer volunteer association, the Galgos en Familia animal shelter and the Málaga cultural association Irreconciliables.

18:00 – Doors opening.

18:00 – 22:00 / RED Fashion – Sala 002

The RED FASHION Capsule is a project in collaboration with Fashion Malaga designed to show the creation and experimentation of Malaga talents in this sector. The RED FASHION capsule is presented as an extrasensory immersion that explores the connection between fashion, art and the contemporary through creativity.

The creations of the following designers will be shown: Ana Lanas, Nakerando Kalé, Kimonada, Inma de la Riva, Marinetto Designs, Firenze Team and Julieta Brand. We will have the artist Aintzane Cruceta who, through Pop Surrealism, creates works in which she mixes the sweet and the disturbing with the atmosphere of the dream world. She will exhibit a representation of her works and perform a live performance to the delight of everyone.

The customization of the looks will be carried out through a textile customization corner in which attendees will be offered the opportunity to personalize their clothing and shoes. Artist DEI will be present to customize clothing live, including jeans and converse sneakers. DJ Foreverness will perform live, creating a magical and special atmosphere. As a final touch, the capsule offers an unforgettable souvenir, a photograph with a Cover of RED FASHION magazine, attendees will be able to take a photograph inside the cover and take a souvenir photograph.

19:00 – 19:30 / Performance “Little Fires” by Carlos Novella / Ground floor hallway left.

Small fires are how we define in this action the passions found on the paths throughout our lives. The search for experiences to define who we are passionately step by step, testing and playing to achieve the brilliance in the knowledge of our own fire. In this creation between dance, performance and improvisation we use shoes in their different shapes, sizes, diversities to use them as containers of experiences and choices. Little Fires is part of the visual triptych Fire walks with you created for the occasion by Ocaña and Carlos Novella. A tribute to Lynch, to passions and inner duality.

20:00 – 21:00 / Smoke and rust / Patio del Tiempo Stage.

Is HUMO&OXIDO the expected musical Messiah? Within the polytheistic musical panorama, where many classical Gods have died and have been forgotten without the possibility of new generations being able to resurrect their music, HUMO&OXIDO makes its miraculous appearance. HUMO&OXIDO does not invent anything new, it simply drinks from the trails of stardust left by those ancient Gods and makes a mixture of genres: glam, electropop, eurodance, electroclash, synth pop and electronic dance music with the attitude of punk and new wave.
Her lyrics, like a religious litany, are generally sharp and provocative and contain explicit references to sex from a queer and post-feminist point of view. Songs that can be seen as a way of approaching life without prejudice, launching an ironic message of distancing and hedonism, wrapped in an image of exhibitionist sexual provocation and turning elements such as luxury, consumption and Trash glamor culture into fetishes.

20:00 – 20:30 / Performance “Hope and Perdition” by Judith Gómez / Garden left entrance.

Now I know, now I understand that in this task of ours—whether we act on stage or we write—- the essential thing is not the glory, it is not the notoriety, it is not what constituted my dreams, but it is endurance. We must carry our cross and trust. I have faith and that’s why I don’t suffer so much, that’s why I don’t fear life, I think about my vocation. Extract from the seagull – Anton Chekhov. With hope and perdition we propose a prayer through an intervention in space, with several visual paintings inspired by the divine, surrealism and the inner need of the artist. Hope and Perdition is part of the visual triptych Fire walks with you created for the occasion by Ocaña and Judith Gómez, with the collaboration of Marity Manzanera and Laura Villargordo. A tribute to Lynch, to passions and inner duality.

8:30pm – 9:30pm / Fran Laoren / Stage Beers Victoria.

Fran Laoren is one of the freshest and most original voices on the current Spanish scene. With extensive experience, even though he is young, Fran has been paving his way for years, and today it is one of the most innovative proposals on the scene. Living in the underground, but with a brutal ability to attract other audiences, the Murcian artist is one of the people to follow because he is marking the path of new pop. His style is indescribable and uncontrollable. Her music floats between hyperpop, author songs, country, electronic pop… they are all and it is none, it is Fran Laoren. He began his musical career in 2017 with various singles until in 2020 he released his first full-length, ‘La Soledad Del Valiente’, with which he marked a line to follow that he refined and took to another level in his second work, ‘Mientras dormes’. Fran has come out releasing references during this last 2023: the petard EP with María Escarmiento, ‘Sensación de calor’, the deluxe ‘Mientras Duermes’ and the introspective ‘SOLO HAY UN CAMINO’.

9:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. / “Doppelgänger” performance by Alejandro Morales / Arch gallery parking lot.

Doppelgänger is the German word for the ghostly double or evil shadow of a living person. The word comes from doppel, which means ‘double’ and gänger: ‘walking’. Its oldest form, coined by the novelist Jean Paul in 1796, is Doppeltgänger, ‘he who walks beside’. The term is used to designate any double of a person, commonly in reference to the “evil twin” or the phenomenon of bilocation. This action inspired by the legendary television series Twin Peaks is a performance with visual and physical elements, a fight between our good interior and our evil being. Through various tools we will enter into a game to inhabit the artist’s body in a duel between the good and evil that we possess. Doppelganger is part of the visual triptych Fire walks with you created for the occasion by Ocaña and Alejandro Morales. A tribute to Lynch, to passions and inner duality.

21:00 – 22:00 / García Picasso / Patio del Tiempo Stage.

García Picasso is an artist, producer and singer from Granada. The project closed last year with the “Color de Época tour 23” tour, with 13 concerts in national territory supported by Artistas en Ruta (AIE). He has been the opening act for María Pelae in Alhautor and for Ultimo Vecino on his last national tour. He has scheduled the release date of his debut album “MENINAS” on October 25,
2024, so far he has already presented the first singles “PARTY TIME” and “LOCOMÍA” in which he covers the Ibicenca group. On June 7, the first collaboration of the album with the legend of the bakalao route Rafa Villalba is released. This summer we will be able to see her performing at the cooltural fest, the thermal in Malaga or in the sound district of Granada. She has had the support of media such as Radio 3, Mondo Sonoro, Jenesaispop or Npr (USA), among others.

21:30 – 22:30 / Lisasinson / Cervezas Victoria Stage.

They are probably the best example of punk-rock and Riot grrrls that there is currently in Spain. And it’s something that started from their first single, “Barakaldo”. Great melodies, furious guitars, highly effective choruses, and that unprejudiced attitude, shamelessly vital, free of complexes. With a contagious freshness when talking about love and spite, instant crushes and incurable disappointments. His ability to connect with an audience eager for generational anthems is evident with the release in 2021 of his first Mini-LP for Elefant Records, “Perdona Mamá”, whose 500 limited edition and numbered copies on ultra-transparent vinyl disappear in a few days and It becomes a collector’s item.

22:00 – 23:55 / Modern DJ / Cervezas Victoria Stage.

Dj Moderno has been publishing remixes of national and international indie bands for more than 20 years, producing music for films and advertising, performing and publishing material with different bands and shaking up the indie/electronic night at numerous indie venues and festivals in this country. He is currently a resident of numerous renowned venues in the capital such as Contraclub, Barco, 33, Siroco, Mercado de Motores, etc. with regular outings to cities such as Pamplona, ​​Castellón, Valencia, Seville, etc. He has played at festivals such as FIB, Sonorama, Gigante , Barbeira, PalmFest, Easy Pop Weekend and a long etc. What is your favorite Indie club in your city? Well, Dj Moderno has undoubtedly performed there several times.

22:00 – 23:55 / Dennis More dj set / Patio del Tiempo Stage.

Dennis Moore was born in Malaga (2000). From a very young age he grew up listening to the albums of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Queen, Michael Jackson, Alaska, Miguel Bosé, etc… thus developing his taste for pop music while discovering new artists. revelations from her time as pink, lady gaga or beyonce among others. As he expands his pop musical culture, he also becomes interested in the urban genre, which will lead him in the future to a perfect mix of both styles, combining them with dance and any timeless hit. Dennis’ presence is common at parties and clubs on the LGBTQ+ scene throughout the country.

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