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Nicolas Cage will play Spider-Man in the new live-action series

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Nicolas Cage© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Nicolas Cage physically takes on the role of Spider-Man for the first time in the new Amazon series. In Noir the actor reprises his voice role from the award-winning animated film To the spider world.

Nicolas Cage plays Spider-Man in the live-action series NoirAmazon Prime Video announced in a press release. Noir is set in 1930s New York and is based on the Spider-Man comic of the same name. The streamer promises to show Marvel fans a different kind of superhero: an aging Peter Parker struggling with his career as a private investigator. Film director Harry Bradford is involved in the project, among others. He has previously directed an acclaimed drama Flea bag.

Cage plays the lead role in a TV series for the first time. The American actor reprises his role from the Oscar-winning animated film To the spider world from 2018. Amazon announces that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative duo behind the film, will also return to produce the new series.

Not Disney’s Marvel Studios, but Sony at the helm Noir. Sony owns the live-action rights to all Spider-Man characters. The studio has already released films about secondary characters such as Poison in Madame Webof which critics were mostly negative. Noir After all, it’s not the only Amazon series Sony is eyeing either Silk: The Spider Society previously received the green light. When both Spidermanseries will be shown, is not yet known.

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