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Nature today | Scientists: The future of EU citizens at risk due to the dismantling of the Green Deal

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In recent months, European decision-makers, mainly under the influence of protests from the industrial part of the agricultural sector, have made all kinds of decisions that have led to the dismantling of the Green Deal. The Green Deal aims to solve many complex environmental problems with significant social consequences. The recently made decisions are poorly justified and are contrary to scientific knowledge. Also, they don’t address the problems they claim to solve.

The future is at stake

In an open letter, the scientists emphasize the seriousness of the rejection of the “regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection substances”, the weakening of the environmental standards of the common agricultural policy, the stalling of the final approval of the Nature Restoration Act. , the Commission’s proposal to relax the obligations of the Nitrates Directive and the Commission’s decision to suspend the Sustainable Food Systems Framework. According to the scientific community, recent decisions and a general climate of “resilience” put the future of Europe’s residents at risk. European environmental standards and regulations did not emerge overnight. They are often the result of decades of effort, strongly supported by science and society.

No acceptable choices

We live in a time of many crises, most of which are caused by crossing planetary boundaries. In the letter, the scientists state that it is unacceptable that European administrators choose to exacerbate the conditions that cause these crises. Scientists strongly oppose policy choices that accelerate avoidable crises. They urge the decision-makers to set a clear and ambitious action program for environmental protection and the Green Deal for the post-election period. consult scientists to prevent policymakers from using disinformation; repealing changes to the Common Agricultural Policy; pass the nature restoration law as soon as possible; and avoid dilution of environmental regulations and policies. They also call on citizens, NGOs and political parties to support responsible policies that guarantee a safer (better) future.

More information

  • The open letter can be read at EuropeForNature.
  • In recent weeks, dozens of scientists and experts have published personal stories there. In it, they show from their own expertise why people should choose more nature and sustainability.

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Photo: EuropeForNature

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