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Idiot Colin becomes a sex bomb in the new season of the Netflix hit Bridgerton

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Multicultural, feminist, and horny: not exactly the kind of traits you’d think of an aristocracy in pre-Victorian England, but it is in “Bridgerton.” The recipe for a megahit: a few wigs, a “juice vlogger” from the past, London’s polite marriage market and a series of sex scenes revolving around a woman. The third season is now available on Netflix.

“Is my wife watching a series or a porn movie?” Actor Ashton Kutcher stood in the living room with this question when he asked partner Mila Kunis Bridgerton saw watching. Screams and screams echoed through the house, all wrapped up in costume drama.

The incident perfectly sums up the Netflix series about British high society (circa 1813). Last season, both world-famous Actresses and “average” Netflix users drooled on the couch because of tight corsets, country houses, footmen and many party dresses.

In 2021, it was announced that the first season was the most watched series since the founding of Netflix. In about 28 days, as many as 82 million households watched the steamy scenes for the first time. Bridgerton chick, Daphne and sensual duke Simon Basset.

The numbers that will make you wonder, and this also applies to the second season, which was released in March 2022. Anthony’s search for the viscountess of his dreams broke the record for the most watched English-language series on Netflix in one week.

of Bridgerton the series is based on the books of author Julia Quinn, set in London, the so-called Regency era . This is the period from 1811 to 1820, when King George III left power to his eldest son due to illness.

The eight children of the Bridgerton family take turns thirstily searching for true love in polite London. Each season, like in the book series, focuses on a different shoot.


This time it’s Colin Bridgerton’s turn, played by 31-year-old Luke Newton. In Season 1, Colin patted the heart of Penelope Featherington – who absolutely adored him – when she eloped with Marina, the second cousin of the Featherington family.

However, she turned out to be pregnant by another man who had since died. A no-go For Colin, so the relationship ended. Marina logically decided to marry the brother of her deceased lover.

Colin is still an idiot at that moment Bridgerton men, especially compared to his older brothers Anthony and Benedict. Colin also appears to win the jerk trophy in the aftermath of season two. After the Featherington Ball, Penelope overhears Colin telling a group of bachelors that he will “never date him”.

In the new season, Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan (37), has long given up her love for Colin. Time to find a new man, she thinks belligerently.

The shy daughter of a wealthy family has struggled with a poor self-image since the beginning of the costume drama. She feels that she is overshadowed by her slender and glamorous sisters and therefore longs for a man who accepts her double life. After all, Penelope is the mastermind behind Lady Whistledown juice duct from Regency era .


Penelope and the audience do not know what they will see when Colin returns from the trip. Forget the idiot, she’s suddenly softened, sexy and flexible.

A real one glow The lead role is typical for director Shonda Rhimes (also known as Grey’s anatomy , Anna’s invention in Scandal ). Actor Rege-Jean Page made waves with his appearance in Season 1. Jonathan Bailey continued as Anthony Bridgerton, who sported giant sideburns and also clearly hit the gym.

Colin’s change is already sparking discussion. On TikTok, Rhimes is praised in many videos for “drying characters incredibly well,” but she also receives criticism. Viewers wonder why the main character always has to be a sex bomb in a show that’s all about acceptance and good posture in an old-fashioned era.

The new season is full of spicy scenes, that’s for sure. Coughlan recently said he made the edited version because he didn’t want his mother to see the actual nude photos.

“It literally says so in my contract. People think I’m kidding, but I was raised Irish Catholic,” he said. Otherwise, Netflix viewers needn’t fear: the uncut version will appear on the streaming service.

season 3 / Bridgerton has been available to stream via Netflix since Thursday the 1st, split into two parts. The second part can be watched on Netflix from June 13.

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