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Global Leap of Consciousness – Optimist

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According to some, we are on the threshold of a social revolution. This is because digital technology is overtaking traditional industry. This has far-reaching consequences for humans. Which one exactly? This is the topic of the monthly meetings at the EarthSmiles house in Tiel.


For example, artificial intelligence will take about half of all jobs, while the financial system is on the verge of collapse. The predecessors of the discourse, visionary Bob de Wit and futurologist Christian Kromme, advise the adoption of digital development. If used in a bottom-up society, people will fly to freedom like a flock of birds despite the crisis. Welcome to Society 4.0.

Review: first meeting

A vanguard of vigilant citizens will participate in the first public podcast on March 3rd Leaning on the wisdom of the flock. Host Simone Beerepoot opens the discussion from five to twelve and asks Bob de Wit to summarize his vision of Society 4.0.

A professor of strategic management loves nothing more. History shows that revolutions are the result of shifting the most important economic value creation, he teaches. Society 1.0, the feudal era, ended when trade outsold agricultural products. Society 2.0 ended with the invention of the steam engine, which ushered in the era of industrial mass production. Now that digital technology is taking over, we are moving into society 4.0. ‘It’s a tumultuous time. Not everyone comes to the realization at the same time and the last people who want to see it are the existing rulers. That’s certainly how it happened in previous revolutions.

As the foundation of the old power, the one percent, crumbles more and more, it desperately tries to increase its grip. The whole world is suffering from this. It lasts until the swarm wakes up. From then on, the birds of prey have no chance.

Raise awareness

Prevent the revolutionaries from changing their ways after the coup old regime The Human 4.0 knowledge area has been created. The task of the organizer of a public podcast is to raise people’s awareness. The higher the scale, the more harmony. Simone Beerepoot: “In what respect should people themselves change? What must be done?’

De Wit: “We have to break away from the old hierarchical thinking and organize ourselves differently. If we look at nature, it seems that hierarchy works for up to a hundred animals. Then the group works as a flock. There is no master bird or master fish: the animals are constantly tuning into each other . Only man has attempted to create very large organizations of up to forty thousand men. At all levels of government and a boss above them. We are now entering a society that is evolving so rapidly that the old structures no longer work. Nature is giving the answer to this in a swarm.

There are no fixed places in the flock. This requires people to get used to it. The idea is that everyone chooses a role that suits them, is completely themselves and tunes in to the other. The employees of such an organization share the same norms and values, and share a common mission and vision. The interests of the individual and the collective overlap. Companies organized as flocks are more productive and give participants more satisfaction.

The soul of the group

One of the questions that the Optimist editorial team elicited from the audience: “You say that we will soon redefine the value that people bring to society. So who decides how much work is worth?

De Wit: “During a scientific experiment, an ox was once hanged in the market. The public was asked to estimate the weight. Anyone who knew how to name the correct number of kilograms got to take the meat home. Not one of the thousand guessers gave the correct answer. But when the average of all estimates was calculated, the weight of the ox was determined. Exactly. According to Gramma. It’s the wisdom of the flock.’

Psychiatrist Steven Matthijsen questions the flock organization: “I think starlings are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, but we don’t know at all how they work. It seems to me that birds have a group soul. They fly together as one body because they enjoy it. It’s like joyous dance during the setting sun when spring comes. Our science gives a Darwinian explanation. He looks for a functional explanation. For example: a flock shows its mates the way to a place to sleep. It’s safer to spend the night together. It’s harder for a hawk to catch a starling. It’s too crazy for words. Why does everything have to be functional? And when you say that the leading starling is responsible, you are projecting a human trait onto the animal. I don’t think it would be wise for humans to follow suit. Humans are very complex creatures.

“Few people can imagine a world that doesn’t exist yet,” De Wit answers in the last minute of the questioning round. An hour and a half passed.
Futurologist Christian Kromme, who is at the center of the podcast recording on April 7, completes De Wit’s defense via Zoom: “In the swarm organization, you are helped by artificial intelligence. Algorithms determine which role suits you best. Based on your values ​​and characteristics, the program chooses six people who complement you. Your weaknesses are all around you strengths of existing people and vice versa. Smart programs come to help in the work you do. It requires something from employees because they have to manage their egos.

How? “In general, we need to find a better balance between head and heart. In the West, we’re almost all in our heads. But you don’t have to think all the time. You can practice slowing down your thoughts and using your mind only when it’s useful.” He continues, “In the Swarm you still have leadership. But not based on hierarchy, money or power. That’s the problem with today’s society. Power is for sale. In the Swarm, responsibility is shared among a large collective.

A fusion of nature and technology

Christian Kromme explores the connection between nature’s wisdom and technological development in his book “Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human”. By making the principles of nature available through technology, humans can further evolve and create a higher form of civilization.

“Society as a whole will soon function in the same way as the human body. You can see AI in the cloud as our collective brain. They describe in all the spiritual books of the ancient cultures that we are going to a kind of heaven on earth. It only happens when everyone works like a cell in that big body. We will move towards this at an accelerating pace in the coming years. A person begins to live more from his heart and his personal mission. That way, each piece of the puzzle fits into the bigger picture.

Don’t you think that the current powers want to stop such a development?

– They really want it, and that is exactly their task in this process. The conflict between the elite and the people leads to a mass awakening. The old power acts as a catalyst in that global consciousness process. He is now proposing solutions such as fifteen-minute cities, which is not a bad idea at all. But what goes wrong is that they try to force their policies. From top to bottom. To maintain control. Their intentions are not necessarily bad. I have had the opportunity to speak at several of their meetings. Families like the Rockefellers and Du Ponts are considered evil by many, but they are all spiritually developed people. They are dynasties of thousands of people whose ancestors have amassed enormous capital. They have a huge responsibility. Most people can’t really imagine what that means.

How long do you think it will be before the old system collapses?

“You can’t say for sure, but it can’t last long. It’s already happening on an economic level, you can tell by the price of gold. If it goes up exponentially like it is now, you know the economy is going to collapse.

Kromme foresees a time of war, crisis and high unemployment. That misery promotes a spiritual revolution in consciousness. He calls it a natural process. “Just as if summer and winter or dark and light cannot be separated from each other. The world saving movement that the old power is now carrying out has been cut in half. From the bottom up. Society 4.0 and its siblings born in other countries are already doing just that. As the crisis grows between these groups, more and more connections. With the Swarm tool, they organize themselves in a decentralized way and develop products and services. Unfortunately, we have to figure out the pain first. That’s how it works with natural diseases. The body works through dirty substances. You have to feel the pain and only then can the healing begin. I hope it will be fine a short and intense trial. That rot and corruption will be exposed on a grand scale. It will create a leap in consciousness. It will be accompanied by fireworks.

Mens4ing event: Leaning on the wisdom of the swarm – ticket link

  • Futurologist Christian Kromme predicts that artificial intelligence will take human civilization to a higher level. Towards society 4.0.
  • Leadership coach Simone Beerepoot offers a public podcast in which Kromme and spiritual inspiration Paul van Schaik are asked questions about human development in Society 4.0.
  • Micadha is an 18-year-old Flemish singer with Argentinian roots who performs Dutch lyrics in a unique style.
  • Jan and Baukelien de Kock hold a workshop to apply Kromme’s knowledge in practice with a theater lecture “Our DNA is super smart”.

Location: EarthSmiles building Zuiderhavenweg 6, 4004 JJ Tiel
When: Sunday 7 April 2024
Times: admission at 11:00 a.m.; starts at 11:30 a.m.; ends at 4:15 p.m
Costs according to capacity; If you have more money, buy a more expensive ticket to support this initiative:
Ticket €17 Budget, €22 Flow, €27 Abundance
Includes coffee/tea upon arrival. Potluck Brunch.

  • 11:00 Entrance.
  • 11:30 Potluck. Shared brunch with food you bring yourself.
  • 12:15 Micadha performance.
  • 12:30 Paul van Schaik’s meditation (coordinator Mens 4.0)
  • 12:40 Christian Kromme’s lecture.
  • 13.10 Podcast: Christian Kromme, Paul van Schaik and host Simone Beerepoot.
  • 13.50 Potluck.
  • 14.10 Micadha performance.
  • 14.25 Workshop Our DNA is super-intelligent Jan and Baukelien de Kock.
  • 4.15 Drinks

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