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Intensive introductory workshop to Improvisation Theater

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May 25 and 26 | From 10:00 to 14:00

€ Prior registration required

16 years old and up

Improvisation Theater is a theatrical genre, characterized by the absence of a previous script, using information provided by the audience as inspiration for the creation and interpretation of the stories that we will see live.

What seems impossible and/or chaotic finds its coherence and meaning in the knowledge and training of the technique behind it.

The improvisers who go on stage do not know the content of what they are going to create, but they have the confidence to carry it out, thanks to teamwork, trust in themselves and their colleagues, thanks to the knowledge of the technique and such important elements in improvisation theater as active listening, acceptance, error as an opportunity and the reduction of the pressure exerted by judgment.

Through this intensive weekend workshop, we will learn the basic principles of this theatrical discipline, how the creation of improvised scenes works, how to create characters, establish places and relationships, simultaneously developing different social and professional skills without realizing it, through play. and action, interpreting unforeseen situations, promoting mental agility, the development of your creativity and improving your communication skills, through teamwork.

This intensive weekend improvisation theater workshop will give you a general perspective of the discipline, showing you some of the tools we work with and that are perfectly applicable in any other performing discipline, in your work world (whatever you do ) and in your daily life. Do you dare to take the leap into the unpredictable?

Rafa Frias He is an improviser, stand-up comedian and event presenter. He debuted as a stand-up comedian in 2010 and trained in theater improvisation starting in 2013 in “The Impro Club” in Madrid, in “Impro Movement” in Seville and with Rafa Villena in Granada. He currently runs the company Alikindoi Impro in Malaga and teaches regular workshops on this theatrical genre at the Sala Contratiempo and at the Young International Initiative Association.


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