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Ceremonial opening of the new school building at Ashram College

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After more than forty years of education in the familiar old school building, Ashram College celebrated the opening of a brand new, modern school building today. Ashram College now has a brand new and durable school building that perfectly meets the requirements of modern education.

The renovation plans had been pending for years, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2022 that the first stone was laid for the construction of a new L-shaped school building, directly opposite the old building, on the side of the school. Marsdiep and Burgemeester Bruins Slotsingel. The new building is designed according to the principle of sustainable development and has energy-neutral facilities such as heat pumps and solar panels.

Domain names

A striking innovation in the design is the division of domains, which fits well with modern educational methods. According to the school board, different subjects are grouped in certain parts of the school building. The result is, for example, a special domain for natural science subjects and a domain for social subjects (society).

The school said: “Students will be transferred to the new part of the school. The old part will be demolished and rebuilt.”

As of today, the new address is Marsdiep 293, 2401 XH Alphen aan den Rijn.



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