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Forget Prime Video: Paul Mescal’s worldwide hit “Normal People” can be streamed on NPO Plus

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Find these big hits on NPO Plus, including the global hit Normal People.

While there are countless good series on streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, there are other options available as well. Take, for example, these four wonderful NPO Plus series.

Normal people

Normal people is the series that made Paul Mescal famous. She stars alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones in the heartbreaking film adaptation of Sally Rooney’s book of the same name.

In Normal people popular Connell and shy Marianne meet. Their friendship blossoms into a bond that cannot be explained simply by words.


Another book adaptation on the NPO Plus website is Dexter. This 2006 series is based on the books by Jeff Lindsay and has now run for eight seasons.

Dexter follows forensic scientist Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). He works for the police in the homicide department, but is an assassin himself. In addition, he taught his adoptive father to commit the perfect murder.


Looking for a crime drama? Then look no further Gold in the NPO Plus service. The series was nominated for best drama series at the Royal Television Society Program Awards earlier this year and in the same category at the British Academy Television Awards.

Gold tells about one of the biggest robberies in England, the Brink’s-Matt robbery in 1983. Gold, diamonds and cash worth no less than 26 million pounds were stolen from the warehouse. The six robbers must try to launder all the money in a short time while Inspector Boyce and his team chase them.

Fifteen love

Fifteen love is one of the new titles of NPO Plus. Actors have been published by e.g. The Guardian, “enchanting” designated.

Fifteen love tells about the close bond between tennis prodigy Justine Pearce and her coach Glenn Despite all her efforts, Justine’s tennis career goes completely wrong. When Glenn returns five years after the event, Justine’s life is turned upside down again.

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