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Discover festival Mañana Mañana completes the program with JOHAN, Tripkip and ballet for beginners

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LAREN(Gld) – The Dutch laid-back festival today once again announces 16 artists on its program list. This sixth new title series promises something much more special: from theater organ hits to custom poems.

Mañana Mañana presents: indie power pop band JOHAN, alternative blues rock beasts Boogie Beasts, label DJ Draaicula, singer-songwriter MICHA, tribute band Smoorverliefd op Doe Maar and Ballet for Beginners workshop. But wait, there’s more: General Jabbah’s contemporary reggae, 45rpm Singlet Vinyl from Forty-Five, bass-driven dance music from Harmonic Waves Soundsystem, Beter Raven label humor from Tripkip, unlimited afterparty with FLIKKER, poetic indie folk from Roofman, Messengers of the Public Benefit Theater organ hit , Hydra Theater’s Cabinet of Curiosities, De Escribano’s Tailored Poems and De Baron’s Guerrilla Sticks.

Undiscovered gems
This load of new shows also fits the Mañana Mañana formula: not big, established world-famous names, but undiscovered gems from almost every genre, where as a visitor you can simply witness the birth of a top artist. For example, the previously unknown Son Mieux, Navarone and Dawn Brothers could admire Mañana Mañana on stage at the beginning of their career. In this edition, musical treasure hunters can turn their ears to the intergalactic reggae of General Jabbah and the achingly layered indie folk of Roofman, among others. Later in the day, the organ hits of De Boodschappers van het Algemeen Nut and the tripkip beats of the brilliant chicken quartet guarantee an evening that is as festive as it is hallucinatory.

Unique experiences
For adventurers looking for special experiences, the organization recommends De Escribano: a poet who first talks to you as a visitor and then quickly writes you an impressive poem on a vintage typewriter. As a visitor, you are guaranteed to experience something unique at the well-known Introdans Ballet for Beginners course.

Over Tomorrow Tomorrow
Watching bands in the middle of the forest, enjoying street theater in a magical French castle garden and jamming in the evening around a big bonfire: it’s Mañana Mañana, one of the most atmospheric festivals you can visit this summer. From 13 to 16 June 2024, thousands of curious bon vivants will once again gather on the castle meadows of Oolde manor in Laren (Gld.). Tickets are still available through the website.

The following music and theater acts were previously announced: Stephanie Struijk, Rheintraum, Politie Warnsveld, Druiprek, High Fade (SCT), Smudged, Gimme Gimme Gimme, INDUS (CO), NAFT (BE), VinylFeestje, Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle, RRRAGS , The Tommyrots, Björn van der Doelen, BOAZ, Habla de Mí en Presente, The Vonks, The Porch People, BOSKAT (BE), Jahroen Lightning, Kanaan (NO), Teatro Metamorphoso, Morna the girl in the fishbowl, Subterranean Street Society , Olaf Putker & the Scenic Sound, Reverse Cowgirls, Subfiction, The Stone Souls, Papaformigas, Hilltop Howlers, NYVE, New Orleans piano – Roel Spanjers, Daniël Tomás, Mazey Haze, Poëzie Karaoke, Ruben Hein, The Shivas (US) , Hardslag , Sha-La-Lees (BE/NL), Dan Wilson (UK), Starfish, Zuster Zonnebloem, Aerobic Funk, Femme Fugazi, Jones and Barnard (UK), Poëzie Centrale, The Grand East, Marlon Pichel, Barto (BE) , Leif de Leeuw Band, The Mocks, Kaboutertje Putlucht, Tabanka (CV), Prize Collect, A Murder in Mississippi, JesperJesper, Astronaut, Cocobolo and Hirondelles – Crèpe de la Bête.

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