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Comic Book Club by Author: Lizzy Stewart

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May 23, 2024 | 18.00 to 20.00 hours

Free activity upon registration

Meeting on Alison de Lizzy Stewart

The author comic book reading club is a free, monthly, cultural activity in which a stable group of people will meet for one Thursday afternoon a month to jointly analyze a comic that we have read, on our own, in the previous weeks.

This club intends to better understand the work of national and international authors, so we will intersperse works by authors from different origins. The themes and literary subgenres of the selected comics will be very diverse and will cover different sensibilities, themes, formats, interests…

The final objective is to spend an afternoon talking in depth and in a participatory and relaxed way about a comic by a national or international author. There will be participants in this club for whom this is their first contact with the world of comics, there will also be other people who have been enjoying this type of work for years: this will be a form of mutual learning and enjoyment of the work from different perspectives.

We will spend relaxed and fun afternoons around different works selected by Juan Naranjo. We will share, debate, listen to each other and enjoy the art of comics.

Alison de Bea Lizzy Stewart


As talented as she is naive, barely twenty years old and newly married, Alison lives in the quiet coastal town of Bridport, in Dorset, southern England, where she is moderately happy and also moderately dissatisfied. One day, in the public library, a chance encounter with a mature and famous painter makes her rethink her place in the world and finally abandon conventions and her working-class roots for the fast-paced and exclusive art scene of late-1900s London. the eighties. While the excitement of bohemian romance is hopelessly diluted in disappointment, Alison discovers herself and makes her way through art, beauty and friendship. Exquisite in each of its pages, “Alison” is a testimony about the right to choose your life, a delicate and heartbreaking reflection on the bonds between women, the glare of the big city and the calm light of the rural, the struggle constant that comes with being an artist and a woman within the limits of patriarchy, and the desire to change and leave a mark. A fascinating and intimate graphic novel of training, whose script could well have been signed by Edna O’Brien or Rosamond Lehmann, with lines that exude sensuality and freshness.

Lizzy Stewart (Plymouth) lives and works in London. She has published three children’s books, in addition to “Walking Distance”, a graphic essay, and “It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be”, a collection of short stories published by Fantagraphics in the United States. Her first children’s work, There’s a Tiger in the Garden, won the Waterstones Children’s Illustrated Book Prize in 2017, as well as a World Illustration Award. She is a Professor of Illustration at Goldsmith College.

Juan Naranjo (Málaga, 1983) is a literary translator, book club coordinator and author. He translates books from English and Italian for Spanish publishers. He is passionate about encouraging reading and believes that reading clubs are a way to enjoy an activity traditionally understood as solitary in community.


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