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Big Door for Guillermo Hermoso in his father’s dull goodbye | Culture

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At the last minute, the show ended well. Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza cut off both ears of the sixth bull, scared away the boredom of the entire afternoon and saved the honor of his family. The bullfight was organized for the greater glory of his father, Pablo, an institution in horseback bullfighting, who was saying goodbye to Madrid after a triumphant career as one of the greats in history in this specialty. But the Navarrese maestro did not have his day nor did he find the usual affection in these cases from the public.

He fought well, as is normal for a rejoneador of his ability, but he did everything mechanically, as if he were in training, without soul, with a strange coldness. And the men responded in the same way. He is a master, and he mounts, nails and tempers with dazzling ease, but something went wrong on the afternoon of a farewell that should have been triumphant. Until well into his work in the fourth, on the back of the horse Basajaun, he did not manage to attract the attention of the respectable after a meritorious pair of banderillas. But there wasn’t much more. He badly killed both of his bulls, with very rear blows, and gave one of his second’s ears as a consolation prize for a successful career.

More spirited was his son Guillermo, who had a practically round performance in the last bull, with a certain speed in all the thirds, but presided over by dedication, the success in nailing punishment rejones and banderillas and the sense of mettle that he showed on his back. of the Berlin horse, an expert in hermosines, a family creation. He killed it with a rear blow that produced the rapid death of the bull, which provoked popular enthusiasm and the exit on shoulders. He did not show any appendix in the first of his because he failed in the supreme luck, although he stood out greatly with the spectacular breaks of the horse Ecuador in the third of banderillas.

The usual companion of father and son, Lea Vicens, had a correct performance, becoming a better and better rider, but little evolved in her sense of bullfighting on horseback. She continues to nail without adjustment, which greatly spoils her bullfighting. In any case, she would also have emerged on shoulders if she did not fail so repeatedly in the final fate.

By the way, you should ask the rancher, maestro Pedro Moya Niño de la Capea, if he tames his bulls for the bullfighting show. They are not noble, they are blessed; They chase at just the right speed so that the horses can show off, they get close to the chests but try not to do any harm, and they stop at the end, as they should, so that the knight can kill them without any rush. The bulls of El Capea do not bother, they do not cause a feeling of risk, they are perfect stone guests for bullfighters on horseback to have a good time. They seem tamed for the glory of others.

Aren’t these bulls created by artificial intelligence? Everything will come…

El Capea/Hermoso, Vicens, Hermoso

Four bulls The Capea and two, fourth and sixth, of Carmen Lorenzoblunted in excess for rejoneo, correct in presentation, very noble, with class and mobility.

Pablo Hermoso from Mendoza: puncture, very rear and contrary punch and a madness (silence); very rear rejón (ear).

Lea Vicens: puncture, rear end and a madness (silence); five punctures and slap (palms).

Guillermo Hermoso of Mendoza: two punctures, a blow at the top and two crazy things (silence); rear grille (two ears). She left on her shoulders through the Big Door.

Plaza de las Ventas. May 18 Eighth run of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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