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A social tea brand helps narrow the gender gap

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The organic theme brand Cleo’s is committed to equality. There are large differences between countries and population groups. In some countries, the poorest do not even have access to hospitals or schools. Inequality between men and women is also of great importance here. For example, currently women do 66 percent of global work but earn only 10 percent of income. In addition, 70 percent of the world’s poorest people are women.

Not only does Cleo’s want to create a better life for women themselves, but the producer, Organic Flavor Company, is also convinced that investing in women’s economic potential contributes to sustainable and social development in general. This is done, among other things, by establishing “equality projects”. For each Cleo package sold, 5 cents will be donated to these projects.

The next donation goes to Economy of Love from Shechem (Egypt), where some of Cleo’s raw materials also come from. With this donation, they are giving twelve women who currently have no income the opportunity to participate in women’s health coach training and thus remain part of society. One trained health coach serves 200 families in his community. With an average of five family members per family, one woman helps a thousand people.

The education mainly focuses on women’s well-being. They are visited at home, paying attention to their physical and psychological situation and the use of simple, natural means for (self)care. This includes therapeutic movement and treatment, the use of herbs, artistic pursuits and other methods of integrative medicine. Women in rural areas form the foundation of their communities. They take care of their spouses, children, animals and household, all while working in the fields or in the factory. Their lives are physically demanding, and while their performance is excellent, self-care is hardly a priority. Common health problems of rural women include chronic headaches, back pain, osteoarthritis and reproductive disorders such as pelvic inflammatory disease. This is due to limited knowledge in the field of sexual health and limited access to healthcare. Improving the health of rural women in Egypt is therefore crucial.

These equality projects are not new to Cleo. In the past, six women in Egypt have been helped to start their own business so that they can support their families.

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