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Vic-Fezensac Fair (France): flashes of dazzling excitement | Culture

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Without being a round afternoon, Dolores Aguirre’s bullfight maintained interest until the end and featured moments of emotion. Some, starring the bulls of the Sevillian currency; others, by the bullfighters, this time, mainly the silver ones. The caste of some and the bullfighting of others.

Exciting was, for example, the departure from the afternoon room, which seemed taken from a sheet of Goya’s La Lidia. Tall, long, drained of meat and with two impressive asfin pythons that looked at the sky. As if that were not enough, he came out boldly, defiantly, as if to say: “Here I am, let’s see who the handsome guy is approaching me.”

The handsome one was in this case Alberto Lamelas, who had already had a drink with the mansurron and gazpone first, who measured, demanded and did not stop still for a second. He sent that one away in one fell swoop after a job full of distrust and precautions. To this one, more of the same. And, on top of that, he deprived us all of seeing a fifth shot requested by acclamation.

Although he went to the first rod without placing it, in the three successive ones he started long, promptly and pushed under the breastplate. Exciting. How exciting and outstanding was the subsequent third of banderillas starring Mathieu Guillon, who really played the game, after looking out onto the balcony and putting the pythons on his belly. The punishment on the horse was so great that Dolores’ horse reached the last third broken and with a minimum halo of life. A shame.

More chaste took out the tame third, at times cracked and elusive, but which charged with excitement from below. This one, like the first, had a spectacular death. Despite being mortally wounded, both stood, staggering, even leaning on the boards, until they fell exhausted. Seconds later, and to everyone’s astonishment, they had the courage to get up again. The caste.

That third fell to Luis Gerpe, as willful, as he was distrustful and accelerated. He lowered his hand and hit some rounds, but he did it crouched and unstuck. He, too, was not up to the task of the good sixth, another specimen of beautiful and imposing appearance, which he accomplished in four entrances to the horse and then charged with nobility, fixity and humiliation on the muleta. He killed him well, yes, and they gave him an ear. He also brought the bull back into the ring. Both are excessive.

Damián Castaño, willing, although accelerated, fought with the most lackluster lot and left some estimable naturals standing together in front of the second. Like Guillon in the fourth, or Víctor del Pozo against whom he opened the place, Joao Pedro and Francisco Tornay, from Gerpe’s team, shone with the sticks in the last and put the stands on their feet. The four, based on courage and bullfighting, showed that when you want, you can.

They were just flashes of bulls and bullfighters, but of dazzling emotion.

Aguirre/Lamelas, Castaño, Gerpe

Bulls of Dolores Aguirre, well, although unequally presented (several lacked a shot from behind), the majority, accomplished in rods (4th and 6th stood out), and unequal play: 1st mansurrón, walking and measuring; 2nd noble and bland; 3rd meek embedded with power and humiliation; 4th brave in rods and noble, but broken in the crutch; 5th tame, outcast and lackluster; 6th noble, fixed and humiliating, although at least.

Alberto Lamelas: bajonazo (silence); bajonazo (slight division).

Damián Castaño: half lunge lying (greetings); half a fall, lying down and crossed, and four crazy things (silence).

Luis Gerpe: two jabs _notice_ and thrust (greetings); lunge (ear).

Vic-Fezensac bullring (France). may 19. 4th of the Bull Fair. About three quarters of an entrance.

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