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Vic-Fezensac Fair (France): Distrust | Culture

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Distrust. That is what the shortlist and its crews demonstrated in the face of a serious and deep bullfight by Cuadri in the second of the Bull Fair in Vic-Fezensac (France), which he demanded, but which also developed nobility and drinkable attacks. There were no bulls of outstanding complications or danger, and yet the lights were cautious all afternoon.

Countless were the false passes in banderillas; like the capotazos, without order or concert, in disorderly and chaotic fights that increased the possible defects of the bulls and spoiled their virtues. Later, with the crutch, not even Fernando Robleño, Esaú Fernández and Gómez del Pilar took the step.

The latter was more willing, who at least placed his lot correctly in luck. In the first place, he received a noble and caste animal that developed sense, managing to catch him without consequences. It was precisely after the somersault when the most notable passages of the task emerged. Crossing and one by one, Del Pilar achieved some natural ones of estimable length and cleanliness.

It was very difficult for him to be in sixth place, whom Víctor del Pozo matched well. Also at unipase, he tried to provoke and lengthen Cuadri’s attacks, but always from the periphery.

The dull room was also not overly classy, ​​in front of which Robleño signed a long and unconnected mess that he never broke. He must have been better, however, in the first one, the most tight and demanding of the bulls. After promptly completing three rods, Cuadri’s bull had firmness and solid nobility, especially for the left piton. Robleño did not finish fitting in and only left some loose naturals of estimable stroke with his forward leg, carrying his luck.

Both Robleño and Del Pilar left amid timid applause, when the rain was getting worse on the Plaza de Vic. Esaú Fernández, on the other hand, did so amidst whistles. And well deserved. His performance was a true compendium of advantageousness and mediocrity. He never once put himself on the spot and wasted a lot – especially the fifth, which he moved and transmitted – more than drinkable.

Cuadri / Robleño, Fernández, Gómez del Pilar

Bulls of Quadri, well presented, compliant (although slow) on horses, noble and of unequal play. With more caste and mobility 1st, 2nd and 5th. The rest, more stopped and lackluster.

Fernando Robleño: two jabs, thrust _notice_ (greetings); prick and detached thrust (regards).

Esau Fernandez: slightly forward, perpendicular and falling lunge (silence); low, sideways and forward lunge, two descabellos _notice_ and eight descabellos (whistles).

Gómez del Pilar: two punctures _warning_, another puncture, two crazy things and the bull is thrown (silence); puncture _notice_ and short rear and lying thrust (greetings).

Vic-Fezensac bullring (France). 2nd of the Bull Fair. About three quarters of the way in.

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