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Three surprises and one failure announced | Culture

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Three surprises: one, the ear that Talavante cut off before the most drinkable bull of the afternoon; two, Juan Ortega’s temperance-filled right blows to a very protesting invalid, and three: the shameless meekness of the sixth, which surprised Tomás Rufo, from whom he fled without any shame until he reached the bullpen gate.

And a failure foretold: that of the El Puerto de San Lorenzo bulls, once again in San Isidro, and another firecracker due to their ugly presentation, and their lack of strength and caste. Only the first and the third complied in varas, and all of them sinned with a casteless nobility that ruined the illusion of the afternoon.

The ear of Talavante to whom he opened the position is of short memory, of little weight, of extreme generosity of the public, because there was no outburst, no passion, nothing more than an insipid aroma.

In the center of the ring, the bullfighter received him with his crutch folded like a bullfighter. fishing cartridge from Sevillian Pepe Luis, but he soon repented and deployed the deception meters before the bull reached him. However, that first round of natural shots was very beautiful, as was the trench and the chest pass that closed the initial stroke. There was another on the same side in which the bull showed his nobility and class, but he no longer spread as much perfume; and in the third, with his right hand, the animal said that his life had reached that point, and the charm began to fade. It was a detailed, neat work, with that first burst that did not raise a clamor. And when Talavante killed the encounter with a rear thrust, the stands were filled with handkerchiefs and he passed an ear that smelled of unfair ease. With what is difficult for others to convince the respectable…!

A moment of the catch that Juan Ortega suffered in the fifth bull.Juanjo Martín Efe

The fifth fight was a spectacle. Protested at the start by his presentation, he soon demonstrated his disability and the cries of ‘bull, bull’ joined those of ‘get out of the box’ directed at the president for his determination to keep him in the ring. When Ortega took the muleta it was evident that the next thing would be a short dressing task without further ado, but… To begin with, the bullfighter suffered an ugly somersault when passing him under which caused him “a stab with a bruise on the inner calf of his left leg.” and another run in the left pretibial region, pending study” that did not prevent him from continuing in the ring. Once he recovered from the scare, Ortega summoned him with the deception at mid-height and drew up to four short rounds of right hands that composed a prodigy of temperance, accompanied by the olé senses of the prone. It’s a shame there was no bull, but the deep blows of the muleta tasted like glory.

And Tomás Rufus presented to the audience the death of the meek sixth who had fled from the horse and came in banderillas. Rufo knelt on his knees and after two missed passes, he made up to six right hands before the greed of an animal that made him harbor the hope of victory. But he only stood up, and the animal fled from his side as if he had seen a ghost. The rest was a chase altered with some stolen muletazos, but the bull ended up at the bullpen gate as was his wish. He highlighted, however, the dedication of the bullfighter who could not make his wish come true.

The rest of the bullfight lacked history. Not even Talavante with the room, a beer; nor Ortega with the second, exhausted; Not even a very heavy Rufo with the third, a broken bull, before which he exhausted the patience of the spectators, did little more than justify themselves in the face of the bullfighting debacle.

El Puerto/Talavante, Ortega, Rufo

Bulls of The Port of San Lorenzopoorly presented and of ugly workmanship, unequal in shafts, soft, noble and very outcast.

Alejandro Talavante: rear lunge to meet (ear); puncture, half lying and crossed (silence).

Juan Ortega: thrust that produces spillage (silence); half fall (ovation).

Thomas Rufo: low lunge (silence); fallen lunge (ovation).

Plaza de las Ventas. may 23. Twelfth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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