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They bored the sheep | Culture

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Sebastián Castella, Daniel Luque and Christian Parejo, with the essential collaboration of the insufferable bullfight of La Ventana del Puerto, were determined to bore the entire square and they succeeded.

The three offered one of their bulls to the audience and there will still be someone wondering why this detail occurred. It is not known what they would see of his bulls when it was obvious that they were dead in life, sick with a painful weakness and casteless to the point of exhaustion. But then the three of them were determined to put on flamingos in front of crippled animals, so the show was degrading from start to finish.

Up to five warnings were heard in the bullfight: two for Castella, one for Luque, and another two for the confirmer, which gives an idea of ​​the firecracker that the three carried out, mantazo goes, mantazo comes, among the general yawn.

They are the main culprits of ruinous bullfights like the one this afternoon returning to the big fairs, because it is the bullfighters, conscious or not, who seem willing to draw water from a dry well, or to justify the rancher, who is not more than a modern variant of the stamp scam.

Unbearable has been the celebration for bulls unequal in everything and outstanding in dullness, laziness and lack of caste; unbearable due to the bullfighters’ excessive attempt to make the public believe that those animals were bulls – hence the toasts – and not caricatures dressed in black.

Before this scenario was presented with all its fanfare, Christian Parejo confirmed his alternative, and left details of good bullfighting flavor. To begin with, he received the first bull with aprons, graceful chicuelinas and a stocking, already in the middle, pregnant with elegance. After the ceremony with godfather and witness, he went to the center of the ring and from there summoned the bull, which came quickly, and excelled in two passes exchanged from the back, another two from the chest and a graceful finish. So far, the best of the afternoon.

Afterwards, there were two more rounds with the right hand, with long and temperate strokes, which explained the classic bullfighting manners and style that adorn the confirmer. The bull got tired, became lifeless and the task did not reach the expected level.

Parejo once again showed willingness and attitude before the sixth, but the atmosphere was no longer the same. It was a quarter past nine and the staff had already shown signs of fatigue. But the bullfighter played the longue and gave passes of all colors, each more boring, before a bull that had cracked shortly after starting the task. In a word, the good impression that he had left on his first impression was faded in favor of annoyance.

But the trophy for the burden was deservedly taken by Castella before his first, noble and dull like the others, before whom he was tireless and soporific. A warning sounded before he mounted the sword, as he still dared to wear a pair of ballet flats, unresponsive to discouragement and with his back turned to the embarrassment of the men. He heard another message in the room, also dull and dingy, to which he muttered, like the other, always on the alert and with all possible advantages.

The same fate, regarding the bulls, befell Luque, who also did not have his day. His first was without any bottom and the trip was very short, but he provided the fifth, which was of the same condition. And since he had toasted, he was forced to look for success however he could; and since it was not possible, he lengthened and lengthened the task without any sense of measure.

In two words, they bored the sheep.

There was bullfighting, yes, in the third banderillas, and the names of José Chacón, Iván García, Jesús Arruga, Antonio Chacón and Vicente Herrera deserve to be highlighted.

La Ventana/Castella, Luque, Parejo

Five bulls The Port Window and the fourth Port of San Lorenzounequal in presentation, compliant in rods, soft, bland, noble and outcast.

Sebastian Castella: notice, almost entirely perpendicular and low (ovation); puncture, half a thrust, a crazy thing – warning – and two crazy things (silence).

Daniel Luke: lunge and three outrages (silence); puncture, almost entire thrust -warning- (silence).

Christian Parejowhich confirmed the alternative: an almost entire perpendicular and crossed thrust – warning – and a madness (ovation); low lunge -warning- (silence).

Plaza de las Ventas. 25 of May. Fourteenth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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