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The word parkmagnaat in Sparkling Society’s rollercoaster life

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The Sparkling Society has been successful for years with the City Island series and other city builders. Now they venture into the entertainment aisle. Last year they launched Jurassic Dinosaur: Park Game. Recently they brought Roller coaster life out.

In Roller Coaster Life, the player’s task is to transform an empty plain into an attractive amusement park. It starts with choosing a theme for your park. Then you start defining the floor plan. After making the layout, build the most beautiful attractions to make your park as attractive as possible to guests. Don’t forget the special effects and light shows.

Give your visitors a nice day

Once you bring them in, you need to give them a nice day. For example, showing them around your beautiful park. If they are hungry, direct them to one of the food stalls. If they want adventure, take them on some exciting roller coasters. But it might be helpful to count the food first…

You also have to work behind the scenes. The attractions must be maintained, because everything must be in top condition for satisfied visitors. Also keep an eye on what works well with your visitors to optimize your sales. And of course you have to keep innovating to keep visitors coming back.

Get inspiration from others

If you have time left, you can also visit other players’ parks. Get “inspired” to improve your own park. Because let’s be honest, ultimately every park owner wants to rank as high as possible on the global leaderboards.

Roller Coaster Life can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store. But the sun doesn’t rise anywhere, so running the best amusement park will probably require some expense.

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