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Tafanario, ‘ostentoreous’, ‘dormisquear’

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On Wednesdays I share radio space with Àngels Barceló and Manuel Delgado. The other day, talking about shadows, I realized that I am interested in the meaning of unknown words – tafanario, martingale – and, at the same time, I look for the reverse of those that we know more than necessary, presuppositions and ambient music: democracy, freedom, Europeanism, sovereign people… I am also fascinated by neologisms – not necessarily adapted Anglicisms -, the invention of etymologies and the use of possible meanings for words that actually have other meanings: when I was little and I played with my neighbor at our aventis individuals, we swallowed lifeboats to prevent death orally before facing dangerous adventures and we jumped to the Third World with our astronaut suit because the Third World was not that politically incorrect nomenclature to refer to poor and abandoned places at the hands of Goddess, to the geographies depleted by exploitation, famine and wars, territories on which the Betadine of charity is applied, but the Third World was something similar to Mars. The confusion is not so far-fetched…

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