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Ca one is ca one and it does not seem easy for anyone’s personality to change whatever the circumstance. And Madrid imposes, certainly. But it is also true that when you step into the Las Ventas ring you have to be willing to give it your all, because that is an opportunity that does not present itself every day.

After his successful time in Seville, Calerito arrived in Madrid via substitution (the announced Juanito is recovering from an ankle injury) to confirm his alternative. And he has faced two noble bulls, with a short history in deception, but which have allowed him, especially the first, to show his good idea of ​​bullfighting. He received that one with a bouquet of temperate veronicas, and led him to the horse with a jaleo galleo por chicuelinas. Crutch in hand, he stood on his knees in the middle, and in this way he made a muletazo from high, another changed from the back, a natural and another from the chest. A good start to an important afternoon for his career.

But something happened once he regained verticality. He seemed determined, yes, he drew some attention to a noble, sad and dull animal, which soon shortened its route. The task was long, finished with some elegant help from below, but without reaching the desired height. Excessive passes but no connection with the line. Because? Maybe, who knows, because he seemed inhibited, timid, timid, without knowing very well what his role was.

Something like this was repeated before the sixth, stung excessively and battered after a blow at the beginning of the third of banderillas. Ready again, more in tune, perhaps, well placed, too, and brave, but, apparently, without the confidence to convey his desire for victory to the public.

Something similar happened to David de Miranda, another winner at the April Fair, who has shown himself in Madrid as a bullfighter with a certain apathy and apparent discouragement. In none of his bulls did he dare to draw any veronicas of receipt, and everything remained in notes of simple aprons. He scored quality muletazos in loose moments in two tasks lacking in connection and order. He had little control in the sense of his fight, perhaps accelerated and disoriented by the short distance of his opponents; Bored at times and more concerned – that was the impression – with giving a lot of muleta blows than with bullfighting.

Verónica Curro Díaz showed off well in her first, and closed the round with an average of the poster. But that bull lost his life in those initial moments and everything collapsed in a moment. The animal’s disability was not a reason for return for the box, which endured a slight fight, as short as the matador’s fight.

The fourth was given to the crowd, and he managed to deceive them with some first and tempered right hands. But there was no more; The bull was cut short, defeated in each attack and what seemed like a flash came to nothing.

By the way, Araúz de Robles’ bullfight attracted attention for its presentation, with serious trickery and astute defenses. All the bulls came with joy to the horses although the fight was very unequal, and the six were noble, sad, too, and dull. If we add to this the stage fright of the younger ones, it will be understood that the afternoon will be a failure from start to finish. With all certainty, David de Miranda and Calerito are better bullfighters than what they have shown today in Madrid.

Araúz/Diaz, De Miranda, Calerito

Bulls of Araúz de Robles, well presented and elegant, which they fulfilled in the horses, noble and bland in the final third; invalid the second.

Curro Diaz: prick and the bull lies down (silence); fallen lunge (ovation).

David de Miranda: lunge (silence); lunge (ovation).

Calerito, which confirmed the alternative: lunge (ovation); almost entirely very low and four crazy things (silence).

Plaza de las Ventas. 28th of April. More than half an entry (13,517 spectators, according to the company).

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