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Social Hub donates 1 percent of annual revenue to new non-profit organizations

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Social Hub today announces the establishment of the TSH Talent Foundation, a Dutch-registered, non-profit organization committed to empowering young changemakers.

The foundation is funded by the hybrid hospitality pioneer’s pledge to annually donate 1 percent of annual revenue to a non-profit organization, a first in the industry. In September 2024, the TSH Talent Foundation will start a pan-European scholarship program for underprivileged students.

Opportunity is everyone’s right

TSH Talent Foundation was founded on the belief that opportunity should be everyone’s right, not a privilege. Its goal is to help talents, especially changemakers, who have faced great challenges and turned their experiences into unprecedented motivation. Charlie MacGregor, Founder and CEO of The Social Hub: “I am incredibly proud to announce the TSH Talent Foundation, designed around two themes close to our hearts: education and inclusion.”

He adds: “Every year we welcome people from over a hundred nationalities to The Social Hub, including professionals, students, hotel guests and locals. With our first scholarship program, we are adding more disadvantaged students to this community. Students who would not have access to higher education and living in large European cities without help. With TSH Talent Foundation, we proudly take a leading role and stick to my mother tongue; “we invest our money where we believe”. We hope to inspire the rest of the industry to turn the goal into action.”

The organization’s program

The foundation is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2024 and will launch the “Changemaker Scholarship Program” in September. A program that supports 75 people with three key themes: housing and development, through comprehensive accommodation at one of The Social Hub’s offices, and participation in professional development and further training programs. Opportunities for personal growth through mentoring opportunities, volunteering, emotional and physical support services, and social and cultural experiences. Connections and collaborations through network building and participation in an active alumni network. The program is based on the successful pilot of The Social Hub, which was launched in 2023-2024. At that time, 14 people from India, Lebanon and Ukraine lived, were connected and studied in centers across Europe.

Frank Uffen, CEO of Community and Partnerships at The Social Hub, will take on the role of Chairman of the TSH Talent Foundation. “Through the TSH Talent Foundation, we offer a unique, transformative experience for talented and motivated individuals. With our program, we hope to continue to fuel the ambition of change makers and thus create a fairer and more inclusive world together. I look forward to building the organization in the coming months and connecting with like-minded foundations, institutions, companies and individuals who are interested in working together to develop our initiatives.

Social Hub x Social Impact

In addition to establishing the TSH Talent Foundation, The Social Hub continues to implement two previously announced key programs as part of its social impact mission:

The first is the Better Society Academy, a series of masterclasses to empower the next generation of social change agents. Three multi-day one-on-one sessions aim to highlight some of the most pressing questions of our time. Participants get the opportunity to take part in a thought-provoking program supported by inspiring subject matter experts. Co-designed by learning experience partner Hyper Island, the masterclass brings together a dynamic group of people to learn new and practical skills and network with amazing colleagues who also want to change the world. The first one will take place at The Social Hub Vienna from 28 to 31. May, with a remarkable line-up of speakers including artist and voice of change Conchita Wurst, poet and comedian Alok, Austrian Minister of Justice Alma Zadić and more. Social Hub offers thirty grants to participants who are financially disadvantaged.

The second is a strategic partnership with Talent Garden, which started a pilot project earlier this year in Amsterdam, Florence and Vienna hubs. Born out of a need for collaboration and a student community, it offers “skillprints” created specifically for this project. Skills sprints give participants access to a customized curriculum aimed at developing skills that will promote their employability in the labor market. This applies to programs such as: Authentic Leadership, Digital Marketing, Enhancing Entrepreneurship, Financial Fitness, Practical AI, Productivity Master and more. So far, 155 participants have participated in the program, almost 90 percent of whom reported that they learned a new skill after participating. The full implementation of the project is currently being planned and is expected to be implemented in all The Social Hub locations by 2026.

Stay tuned!

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