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San Isidro Fair: Heaviness Epidemic | Culture

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It is a tradition that the bullfighters—the majority—pass by the chapel when they arrive at the plaza, but the prevailing impression is that after crossing themselves before the images of their devotion they go to the infirmary, where a member of the medical team injects them with a vaccine. . That of heaviness.

There is no possible explanation that when there are still five bullfights left at the fair, 71 warnings have already been sounded, an unequivocal sign that it is not a problem of one or two bullfighters, they are all annoying, and the only reason that justifies it is that they have been inoculated. a virus that makes them immune to the measure of time.

This afternoon, the teacher Fernando Robleño, at the time director of the Bullfighting School of Madrid, offered a masterful dissertation on bullfighting on his first bull, so that the outcast, dull and noble animal was given very meritorious muletazos on the right side. , with the crutch at half height, overflowing with naturalness and taste. And the public, in need of good bullfighting, more than recognized it. Robleño even drew some brush strokes on the left piton, the most complicated. But when the work was done and the mullilleros were preparing for his task, Robleño’s ideas became tangled, he quoted again, and caused a warning to sound before mounting the sword. And since the bullfighter does not exactly stand out for his aim, he failed again and again and got stuck with the mistake, and was on the verge of having the bull thrown into the corral. What explanation can there be for such a mistake in a teacher like him? The injection, without a doubt; there is no other.

And something similar happened to Gómez del Pilar in his first; He demonstrated that he has good taste and bullfighting in three initial muletazos with his right hand full of flavor; A very elegant subsequent change of hands against an opponent as noble as it is bland, and a deep stroke in a brief foray into nature. But he was not satisfied and he continued there until the warning sounded, and two seconds were missing until the second one was heard. The vaccine…

By the way, Escolar’s bullfight, well presented, very astyfine, especially the last two, tame on the horse and bland, dull and lackluster in the final third. Only the second came with joy in the first third up to three times, but his fight was disappointing, which did not prevent Alberto Sandoval from offering an encyclopedia of bullfighting on horseback; and Damián Castaño insisted, forced by the public, to demonstrate the bravery of the fifth, but the animal was more attentive to the bullfighters than to the piquero.

Castaño once again said that he is completely brave. He seemed more focused on the postures than on dominating the bull against the second, with which he made muletazos at mid-height that did not clash. He went in to kill with all his strength, stayed in the face of the bull and was run over without consequences; Afterwards, he played the real game against the fifth, very shameless, astino-fine python. He far surpassed the complicated commitment with several rounds with his left foot, from the front, very well placed, and a bunch of clean naturals resulted and overflowing with emotion.

He was not diligent either, although he was with the makings of a veteran fighter Robleño against the fourth, another dull bull, and Gómez del Pilar stood up to the very lackluster sixth, who did not have a pass.

As I said: there is an epidemic of heaviness among bullfighters.

School / Robleño, Castaño, Del Pilar

Bulls of José Escolar, correct in presentation, astifine, tame in rods, bland, noble, soft and lackluster. The second came happily to the horse on three occasions, but did not put up a brave fight.

Fernando Robleño: –warning- puncture, almost completely crossed, four crazy things – second warning – and five crazy things (palmas); puncture and almost whole (silence).

Damián Castaño: thrust (ovation); almost entire fall and a hair loss (ovation).

Gómez del Pilar: -notice- low lunge (ovation); lunge and two crazy things (silence).

Plaza de Las Ventas. June 4. Twenty-second run of the San Isidro Fair. Three quarters of entry (17,152 spectators, according to the company).

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