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San Isidro Fair: Bullfighter Impotence | Culture

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It was not the event of the year, nor the dreamed-of successful bullfight, but it was two and a quarter hours of constant tension, of extreme risk, so that there was no occasion for boredom or for the bullfighters to get into trouble. Victorino Martín’s bullfight was hard, difficult, difficult on different levels, but interesting at the end of the day, six bulls from another era that met two modern bullfighters, brave and dedicated, but without the fighting ability that the six specimens demanded. who jumped into the ring.

Paco Ureña and Borja Jiménez expressed a worrying helplessness throughout the afternoon. And they behaved like very bad bullfighters, an unforgivable sin at this point in the film. Ureña heard four warnings, two in his first and one in the other two, and he participated in a rally with the sword in which he opened the way. Unforgivable. Another presidential message was sent to Borja Jiménez, who also got stuck with the mistake in his first one.

The bullfight was not easy, nothing like the artistic bulls that the figures fight over; The bulls came out with approved Latin and required all five senses to be ready and a very clear head to avoid flying through the air. Only the second and fifth allowed the bullfighting of Verónica, by Jiménez in four very cheery hits and an airy shot by Ureña. The second and the fourth complied without further ado, and the rest were meek, with the exception of the sixth, who pushed hard in two matches. They all waited with evil ideas in banderillas and put the crews in serious trouble, and each one had a different behavior on the crutch.

King Felipe VI greets the public upon his arrival at the royal box.Juanjo Martín Efe

The first one was very difficult, throwing screws into the air, harsh and harsh in the extreme, which Ureña was unable to subdue at any time; The second was very well placed, who attacked humiliated and greedy for the right python, with which Jiménez excelled in a couple of exciting rounds with his right hand, but without the man’s dominance over the animal being evident; More noble, cold and dull was the third, who always attacked with his face held high and hooked Ureña’s deception to the point of tarnishing his delivery. The bullfighter managed, however, a round with his right hand that was cleaner and more united, and another with his left hand, shorter, but intense, so that they asked for his ear and he went around the ring; The fourth was the least interesting of the afternoon due to his lack of strength, and he only allowed dull passes; The fifth, who was X-raying Ureña in each match, soon cracked, which did not prevent the bullfighter from making some long right hands, and the sixth, brave on the horse, the only one, who was punished viciously, also posed difficulties for Borja Jiménez for their innate caste that demanded another fight beyond modern passes.

In short, the bullfight weighed heavily on the bullfighters. It was clear that the party of these victorians It is different from what is experienced almost daily in this square. Tension, emotion, risk, danger, trouble, fear…

With the much respect that the two matadors and the crews that accompanied them deserve, this fight was won by the bulls.

Martin / Paco Ureña and Borja Jiménez, hand in hand

Bulls of Victorino Martin, very well presented, astifinos, gentle in varas, with the exception of the brave sixth, and difficult in banderillas; the first one is very complicated; embedded the second; noble and dull the third; outcast and invalid the fourth; the fifth was cracked, and the sixth was fitted and dull, which they massacred in rods. All demanding to different degrees.

Paco Urena: two punctures, thrust through -warning-, five crazy things -second warning- and four crazy things (silence); -warning-, withering short thrust (return to the ring); -warning-, puncture, half crossed and almost entirely low and a crazy (silence).

Borja Jimenez: puncture, half lying -warning-, and seven crazy things (silence); lunge and a hair loss (silence); puncture and half thrust (silence).

Plaza de Las Ventas. 5th June. Twenty-third bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Press Run. King Felipe VI attended from the royal box, and the swords gave him his first bulls. The monarch was accompanied by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid; Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture; María Rey, president of the Madrid Press Association, and the bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordóñez, as artistic advisor. Full of “There are no tickets” (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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