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San Isidro Fair: Borja Jiménez, hungry for triumphs | Culture

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This is how you come to Madrid, as Borja Jiménez has come, with a hunger for triumph, enraged, spirited, willing, overwhelming… He came for everything, and arrived eager to take on the world. That disposition quickly permeated the crowds, fond of the bullfighter. since their remembered triumph at the last Autumn Fair, and which they received with a standing ovation after breaking up the procession.

The Sevillian bullfighter needed to confirm that his work was not a flash in the pan, and so, as soon as his first bull was present, he drew three high-end speedwells without prior preparations. It was the first sign of his attitude. After an acceptable fight on poles and galloping joyfully on banderillas, the animal pointed out ways for a fight—lidia—from power to power against a bullfighter devilishly obsessed with success.

Jiménez planted his knees on the ground, there in the sunny fields, and thus drew four long right hands that were cheered by the public with unusual tension. What happened next was an action movie, between the breed of an animal with greed, aggressiveness, promptness and joy in its attacks, and a bullfighter in a state of grace, very brave, always crossed, powerful, firm and confident. Therefore, first, an exciting round with the forehand emerged, buttoned up with an elegant change of hands; natural, then long and heartfelt, culminated with a pass of disdain, with the fans in an uproar with such a display of class and gallantry on the part of the two contenders. Two more naturals, an inopportune disarm, an inverted circular and a long chest pass. And there he had to finish the task, in the culmination of a work as imperfect as it was moving. But Jiménez was not satisfied with having his fill of bulls, and preferred to binge. There was another round with the right hand, a cartel trench and another emotionally charged pass of disdain, but the task was unnecessarily prolonged. A warning sounded, of course, and the jab before the thrust reduced the prize to one ear.

He tried again on the last one, lackluster and difficult. Once again the bullfighter settled the ground, endured malicious insults, and highlighted his dedication in a task that could not achieve the desired relief. In any case, Jiménez has strengthened his role as an emerging figure; The public is with him, and the bullfighter responds with a plausible compromise.

Alejandro Talavante, at the beginning of a half veronica on his second bull.Borja Sánchez-Trillo Efe

Talavante was also able to triumph with the fifth, the other high-class bull, slower than the third, and with more quality in his charge. He gave the impression that the bullfighter tried with all his soul, but the idea also remained in the atmosphere that he has lost the freshness and dimension of yesteryear; He drew estimable muletazos with both hands, perhaps more concerned with effect than with depth and connection, and the final work, dotted with fine details, was not round. The quality of the bull stood out above the intermittent work, based on very short and, at times, irregular batches of the bullfighter. First of all, he was as if he was asleep, as if he had been knocked out, and the whole work took place between silences.

And the poster was opened by a veteran, Uceda Leal, who once again demonstrated that he is still a good bullfighter, and that he has his old bullfighting under his belt. Before the noble and outcast first he drew the longest batch of naturals so far in the fair, and some of them contained the elegance of an artist; He tried against the dull fourth, but only the innate elegance of a veteran who continues dreaming of victory could prevail.

Domecq / Uceda, Talavante, Jiménez

Five bulls Santiago Domecq, poorly presented, some uncooperative, meek on the horses, bland, soft and outcast; The exceptions were the third and fifth, who performed in varas, galloped in banderillas; The first of them was placed in the final third, and the other, with high quality; Both were highly applauded at the drag. The fourth, of Luis Algarra, correct presentation, tame, noble and bland.

Uceda Leal: thrust (ovation); prick and thrust (ovation).

Alejandro Talavante: short lunge (silence); lunge -warning- and two crazy things.

Borja Jimenez: prick -warning- and thrust (ear); thrust (silence).

Plaza de Las Ventas. may 31. Nineteenth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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