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San Isidro Fair: Borja Jiménez consecrates the afternoon of the great presidential failure | Culture

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Borja Jiménez has established himself as a great figure in an afternoon full of intensity in which scandal was bordered due to the decision of the president, José Luis González González, to deny him the second ear in his first when the entire square, starting with the bullfighter herself, was convinced that the Sevillian’s work was worthy of the double trophy, and that Victoriano del Río’s bull, Dulce by name, of great class and quality, had won the honors of returning to the ring. But neither one nor the other. The president took out the handkerchief for the first time, put it away afterwards and endured undaunted the majority’s request from the people, who did not understand the reason that justified his stubbornness. The anger of the public was monumental, the bull was dragged ingloriously in the middle of the general uproar, the bullfighter’s face changed, he circled the ring twice, and Mr. González heard one of the biggest fights in the history of the bullfight. square. Whatever its reason, the truth is that the box stole the Puerta Grande from Borja Jiménez and the bull’s return to the ring.

Certainly, Jiménez’s work was exciting, intense and thorough since the bull left the pigsties. He received it on his knees in the middle with a long changed upwind, and, fighting against the wind that was blowing strongly, he drew aprons, chicuelinas and a final revolera that excited those present. The bull happily came to the horse and complied without any hesitation; He galloped on banderillas, and arrived at the crutch with the prevailing impression that he would stand out for his quality. So it was. Jiménez started low and his opponent humiliated her firmly in deception. He then repeated with aggressiveness, promptness and kindness, while the bullfighter drew long, relaxed muletazos, overflowing with naturalness and good taste. Thus, three rounds with the right hand, one completed with an exquisite trench and another with a change of hands pregnant with beauty. The animal took a slower pace through the left piton, three natural holes, a trench and a pass of disdain ended up provoking the delirium that from the first moment was experienced in the stands due to the happy understanding between bull and bullfighter. There was, finally, an almost circular natural and some excellent bass aids that preceded a lunge in a good place. The animal, embedded in the depths of his nobility, faced the death that was already embracing him, and even twice he was able to get up from the sand, after folding his hands. An overwhelming commotion took over the entire square, which turned white when, finally, Dulce collapsed forever. And that’s where it all started. It took a while for the president to show his handkerchief, and then there was confusion, incomprehension and repeated shouts of ‘get out of the box’. The truth is that Borja Jiménez’s work was vibrant, warm, emotional, and the double prize seemed like there was no way around it. It was an unmitigated failure of the presidential bargain.

The departure of the fifth was announced, and there Jiménez went again, – this time with a look of rage – to the media to receive the bull on his knees. And after the long change, a fan of extraordinary Veronicas buttoned up with a very bullfighting stocking; and a galleo for chicuelinas closed with an abelmontada stocking. But the bull, which showed very good manners, had no strength and was returned.

And for the third time he headed towards the pigsty door when they announced the hat’s departure. Another very tight long change of knees, a veronica with feet together, tight chicuelinas and another poster stocking. The beginning of the muleta task was exquisite: two high muleta blows and two very warm trench blows. The bullfighter seemed especially motivated, and it was no wonder. The nobility of the bull allowed him to shine with both hands, better with natural ones, in a task that was declining against an opponent with little background. Before clicking at the top, he drew some very personal ones helped by the bass and a signature pass. The lines turned white again, to compensate, no doubt, for the previous injustice, and the president granted him the ear that opened the Great Gate with all honors.

Borja Jiménez, natural on his first bull.Kiko Huesca Efe

His two companions were overshadowed by so much commotion. Before the great confusion, Emilio de Justo really fought with a fit and violent bull and against strong gusts of wind that tarnished his work; a very demanding bull that he did not lose face, but he could not achieve the desired appearance; and he did not take much into account his neat work in front of the room, an animal protesting for his poor rag that he gently attacked.

And a lot was demanded of Roca Rey, as is often the case with those who wear the stripes of figure. He excelled in a brave takeover for saltilleras in the first Jiménez bull and in another for gaoneras in the third; He toasted the audience and stood on his knees in a clear declaration of good intentions, but he did not find the path to victory between the abruptness of the bull and the protests from the public. A tame man was the sixth, he tried to muck him firmly, but the bull soon cracked and the story was over.

The highlight of the afternoon was that Borja Jiménez came out on his shoulders for the second time in his career and established himself as a bullfighting figure despite the president’s major mistake.

Del Río/De Justo, Jiménez, Roca

Bulls of Victoriano del Río, -the fifth, returned as invalid- well presented, except for the twisted fourth; unequal in rods; fitted and rough the first, of great quality the second; the third was rough and broken, the fourth was noble and cracked, and the sixth was very tame. hat Torrealtawell presented, gentle and noble.

Emilio de Justo: half thrust _notice_ (silence); _notice_ low lunge (silence).

Borja Jimenez: lunge (ear, two laps around the ring and a monumental fight with the president); prick and thrust (ear). He left on his shoulders through the Great Gate.

King Rock: _notice_ lunge (silence); lunge (silence).

Plaza de las Ventas. June 7th. Culture Bullfight, twenty-fifth of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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