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San Isidro Fair: A firecracker…! | Culture

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If Plaza 1, the Las Ventas company, displayed due transparency, it could have explained long ago what its criteria are for choosing the bullfights for the fair; He could have told, for example, what merits Román Sorando’s livestock farm has to be advertised on one of the most rounded posters of the cycle. Apparently this afternoon, none. Perhaps it was the ugliest, most outcast and tame bullfight of the entire long Madrid cycle. A real oxen. “But the bullfighters could have refused,” says a neighbor. The bullfighters? The reality is that they lack the necessary strength to do so. Satisfied with being on the poster for a second afternoon. And he doesn’t even ask about the bulls.

Why, then, is a farm like this contracted? Since there is no information, it is allowed to speculate: for money, it is assumed; to balance – today, once again the square is packed to capacity – the high costs of other celebrations in which the bullfighters do demand their favorite irons, which are more expensive.

In short, the celebration was a firecracker from start to finish. The first one already announced with great fanfare what he had: dullness in abundance, sad as a soul in pain, tired gait, exhausted; and the second one came out scared, looking for grass, fleeing, and ran across the entire ring; The third was returned because he couldn’t stand his legs and in his place came a hat belonging to José Vázquez who had been infected by the defects of his corral companions; the fourth developed temper and unleashed screws; The fifth could not stand, and the sixth also returned to the corrals, and another hat, this time from Montalvo, with genius and lackluster, did not get up in the afternoon either.

This Sunday’s Charity poster remains head-to-head between Sebastián Castella and Fernando Adrián

Some loose veronica and two trenches from Urdiales in his first, and three verónicas from Aguado in the first returned bull, and another four in the hat was all that the artistic celebration. And there was no more, because Juan Ortega was not there, that is, he could not give a single smack of the hood, not even a single blow of the muleta, and he went to the hotel without breaking his hair. Well, that’s not it either, because he gave a rally with the sword in his second. His companion Aguado experienced the same trance, who spent a quinary to kill the sixth. That bull charged at the start with great ferocity and violence and put the Sevillian bullfighter in serious trouble, who managed to overpower him from low to the middle, where the bull stole the trick and Aguado was forced to take Villadiego’s lead. It was not easy at all on the muleta, Aguado acted as if he were trying, but very soon he gave up and the men reproached him bitterly.

When the sixth died, the arena was filled with pads, irrefutable proof of the anger of a public that came en masse to see a bullfight of artists and felt cheated. What I said: a firecracker.

Sorando/Urdiales, Ortega, Aguado

Bulls of Romanian Sorando, -the third and sixth, returned as invalids-, very unequal in presentation, tame, bland, soft and very outcast. First hat of Jose Vazquez, astifino, meek and outcast; second hat, Montalvo, well presented, very compliant and very lackluster. They were all whistled in the drag.

Diego Urdiales: piercing and perpendicular thrust (silence); puncture, middle and three crazy things (silence).

Juan Ortega: almost entire (silence); five punctures and a madness (silence).

Pablo Aguado: half fall (silence); four punctures and two crazy things (silence).

Plaza de las Ventas. June 7th. Tribute bullfight on the 200th anniversary of the National Police. A minute of silence was observed in memory of the police officers who died in the line of duty. Twenty-sixth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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