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Prime Video is quietly canceling the first live-action Spider-Man series

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Prime Video quietly canceled a Spider-Man series that had been in production for a few years. And this series was going to be special.

Spider-Man has become one of the most widespread superheroes in the film industry in recent years. Not only is the character played by three different actors, but there are also all kinds of variations of the superhero. We meet a lot of these in the Spider-Verse movies.

Prime Video recently announced the release of one of these Spider-Man variants we met Into The Spider-Verse gets its own series; Spider Noir. However, Prime Video kept it quiet for a while that they canceled the second Spider-Man series after it had been in production for years. And to make matters worse, the canceled series was the first live-action Spider-Man series.

The live-action Spider-Man series on Prime Video we’ll never get

Sony had been working on a new live-action Spider-Man series for Prime Video for a few years; Silk: The Spider Society. This series should be one of the greatest and the first live-action Spider-Man series ever. But now it has been decided to cancel the series.

Cancellation Silk: The Spider Society In Prime Video, it’s mainly due to creative differences in the team. Also, the scripts have not been worked on for a while. Series showrunner Angela Kang also had to hear from higher-ups that she should focus less on Silk.

Prime Video is quietly canceling the first live-action Spider-Man series
Silk (Photo: Marvel Fandom)

Silk: The Spider Society

Shaking Silk: The Spider Society Prime Video certainly had a lot of potential. The series focuses on Cindy Moon, aka Silk. This is a Korean female spider-hero who gets her powers from the same spider as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

The Prime Video series follows Cindy Moon’s journey as she escapes from prison and searches for her missing family. During this adventure, he also had to get used to life as Silk. The story would have been highly influential, becoming one of the first superhero stories with a Korean-American protagonist.

Also, it would have been interesting to see her connection to Peter Parker in the Prime Video series. In the comics, Silk and Spider-Man have a strong connection because they were bitten by the same spider. Only in comics, this wasn’t always – how to say it – child-friendly.

The future of Cindy Moon

Although Prime Video Silk: The Spider Society so secretly removed, there’s still some hope that we’ll one day see a Spider-Man series. Sony Entertainment plans to sell the series to another streaming service.

about us Silk: The Spider Society Whether it will ever be shown on Disney+ remains to be seen. It would be interesting to see how the character would be incorporated into the MCU. Especially with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and all his problems.

It’s certainly disappointing that Prime Video has quietly decided to cancel the first live-action Spider-Man series after several years in production. Nice to know there is still hope. And that we Silk: The Spider Society might see. The story has a lot of potential.

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