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Premiering with Filmin: The Sultana’s Dream

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Premiering with Filmin, Debates/Conferences

January 30th, February 13th y 12 March | 7pm

Free admission

Every day 40 monthly subscriptions to Filmin will be given away to attendees

January 30th. Film about identity and domestic violence

Persian shadows (Subtration) Mani Haghighi. Iran, 2022

Dur.: 107 m.


Can there be a person identical to you living in your same country? This is the disturbing starting point of a Hitchcockian thriller starring Asghar Farhadi’s muse, Taraneh Alidoosti.

Farzaneh is a young teacher who lives with her husband Jalal. One day she sees her husband entering the house of an unknown woman. When she confronts Jalal, he claims that he was not in town at the time. Later, Jalal decides to check the house for himself. When Jalal gets there, he meets a woman named Bita who is the spitting image of Farzaneh. Stunned, the two compare their couples’ photos, Bita’s husband also looks identical to Jalal.

February 13th. Racism and environmental discrimination

let the river flow (They Eatnu – La Elva Leve) Norway, 2023

Duration: 118 min.


Based on the events that inspired an entire generation of young Norwegians. A passionate and moving portrait of the Sami struggle for survival and recognition within the international community.

During the summer of 1979, Ester moves to Alta, northern Norway, to begin working as a teacher. Like many Sami at the time, she is ashamed of her heritage and hides her ethnicity. Ester makes great efforts to fit in, even participating in derogatory jokes. When her cousin Mikkhal takes her to a camp on the Alta River, where people are demonstrating against the construction of a dam, Ester discovers that the fight for the river is also a revolt against years of brutal racism and discrimination against His town.

March 12. International Women’s Day

The sultana’s dream Isabel Herguera Spain, 2023

Dur.: 86 m.


Nominated for the Goya Award for Best Animated Film and the first European animated film to be part of the Official Selection of San Sebastián. A milestone of our cinema.

Inés, the protagonist, is a young woman from San Sebastián incapable of dreaming and a little lost who accidentally discovers the book The Sultana’s Dream where the Country of Women is described, a place where the women are all scientists and have the power while the men Men are locked up at home, limited by their ignorance. Fascinated by this classic of feminist utopian literature, and by its author, the Muslim writer and activist Begum Rokeya Hossain, Inés embarks on an initiatory journey through India in search of traces of the author and the Country of Women. .

In the digital age, where access to cinema has become more personal and fragmented, the liturgy of cinema as a collective experience takes on a unique value. Kandale Films, in collaboration with the leading independent and quality film distribution platform, Filmin, is proud to present an initiative that seeks to rescue and revitalize this shared experience: a monthly cycle of screenings at the La Térmica cultural center.

Filmin, recognized for its commitment to the best independent cinema, joins forces with Kandale Films to bring the magic of the seventh art to a special room, turning the La Térmica cultural center into a cinematographic sanctuary.

Each month, the series will offer a first-run title selected from Filmin’s vast library, providing access to masterpieces that might otherwise go unnoticed. The careful choice of quality, independent films highlights the diversity of voices and perspectives that make up the contemporary film landscape.

Kandale Films and Filmin invite all film lovers to join this monthly meeting at La Térmica. Together, we will explore the magic of the best cinema by restoring the importance of cinematic liturgy as a shared and enriching experience. Join us on this unique cinematic journey!

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