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Dryer, how hot. Supreme de Luxe

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May 21, 2024 | 20.00 hours

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What do they talk about in hairdressers? Well, generally almost everything. About the wedding of the latest celebrity on duty and how they deceived her; from your cousin from Badajoz who has an open relationship; of the cute boy who is sitting two chairs away; about the date you had last week that was horrible; and even a great outfit that you bought on sale designed to set the dance floors on fire.

‘Dryer, how hot’ is essentially that. A hair salon where you can talk about all those things. Xenon Spain and Iván Gelibter will conduct a hairdressing afternoon with all its elements every month. Dryers, clippers, combs and even the hairdresser. And like any good salon, regular clients will come and go and others will come from time to time, well-known people who will tell us about their professional lives, but also their personal ones. And in front of the window, an audience that can participate whenever they feel like it. You can even mark and style your hair. And get highlights.

Although conversations in hairdressers are ephemeral and last as long as it takes to cut your hair, in ‘Secador qué calor’ they are intended to last. Can you imagine what would happen if cameras and microphones were placed in any room? Well now we will see, because each session of this program will be recorded and published in audio and video formats, so you can take it with you wherever you go. As if this were not enough, ‘Secador, qué calor’ will feature each program with the collaboration of Álvaro Calafat, the most promising designer in Spain, who will bring us in each edition the analysis of the hottest current topics of the moment.

Supremme Deluxe: She is one of the most relevant drag queens on the Spanish scene. She has been the host of Drag Race Spain since the launch of the first edition. She began her artistic career in the drag world in 1997, performing in various venues in her native Madrid. She has performed shows and has been master of ceremonies at various LGTBI events. She has also carried out theater projects such as Encerradas en un Pryconsa, Ellas cantan, ella narra, Tranxformers or Retromanía. In 2021 she was the protagonist of the show Intimísimo. She is currently a collaborator in various media outlets and a contestant on Tu cara me sona.

Xenon Spain. He jumped onto the stage in 2002 to become one of the artistic characters most relevant in Malaga, Spain and southern Europe. Graduated from the Higher School of Arts scenic features of Malaga, its versatility within the same character, capacity for improvisation and humor, lead her to appear on different stages as a stand-up comedian, singer and presenter. She has collaborated on television with programs such as ¡Ya es Verano!, Viajeros Cuatro, Sobreviviré and The onewash me among others. She is a regular contributor to different radio programs.

Ivan Gelitber. He is a journalist and editor of Diario SUR, where he is the responsible for Health, Health and LGTBI information. He is a collaborator of programs on TVE and Canal SUR and coordinator of SIX, the first strictly LGTBI publication edited by a newspaper in Spain. Film expert and responsible for the series ‘The spirit of the hive’ at the Malaga Festival.

Fuensocial is an association of fathers and mothers of people with functional diversity and/or at risk of suffering from it, created on February 26, 1982, with more than 40 years of history. The beginnings of Fuensocial date back to the 80s, when a group of families from the municipalities of Fuengirola and Mijas came together to try to find the necessary resources and support to improve the quality of life of their relatives, people with functional diversity or in risk of suffering from it.


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