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Philanthropy in a corner where blows fall

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A fascinating search for money in our treasury

Big goal: to strengthen society together. Concretely, this concerns the strengthening of culture, well-being, participation and involvement, personal well-being, health care, research, nature and environment, sustainability and development cooperation. Quite a mouthful. The world of funds, science and family businesses join forces and celebrate together “the social contribution of funds, foundations, companies and donors”.
Represented are the Dutch Fund Association (FIN), the Catholic Foundation for the Promotion of Welfare Work (KSBW), Network Young Philanthropic Professionals, Vrije Universiteit and the network of families owning family businesses FBNed. KSBW is an independent private foundation that offers gifts from pastoral backgrounds to social cultural work, social work, community development work and pastoral work.
During this classy and elegant event, the KSBW Award for the best thesis will be presented in connection with VU’s charity fund management course. Rijksmuseum’s corporate director Erik van Ginkel opens the afternoon program by talking about the importance of patronage. Corné Brouwers from the tax authorities (Very High Net Worth Team) will also be there. There will also be a panel discussion with philanthropy professors on the importance of scientific research and good management of funds.

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