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Outstanding Diego Ventura | Culture

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Diego Ventura burst into tears when his second bull collapsed after an accurate hit from the top and the lines were filled with handkerchiefs. They demanded both ears for a rejoneador who does not give up the first place in the ranking due to his knowledge, his high sense of bullfighting on horseback and a renovated stable but as outstanding as in previous seasons.

The Prince’s Gate was closed when he clicked twice in his first and the trophy he had cut was given a well-deserved ovation, but the knight’s entire afternoon has been one of extraordinary bullfighting, with an innate ability to reach the public and an excessive interest in carrying out the lots with the utmost purity.

Although he left evidence of his bullfighting in the first, galloping with the horse Fabuloso on two tracks and outwitting the bull on the inside, and showing off Nivaldo who challenges his opponent at a short distance, Ventura stood out greatly in the fifth. That performance was almost perfect from start to finish, with a simply spectacular equine team: Guadalquivir, to stop the starting bull in a span of land; Nomad, tempering two tracks and performing pirouettes on the bull’s face that warmed up the stands; A mess, a very bullfighter, who gallops to the animal’s grounds and breaks in his face in the third of banderillas; Bronze, which folds its hands in a singular bow, and without a halter allows the rider to nail an exciting pair of two-handed banderillas, and Guadiana, the best pair for the short ones and the final roses. Two well-deserved ears, tears of emotion and one more triumph for a vintage bullfighter on horseback.

His companions did not clash. Years don’t pass by Sergio Galán, but he remains the same and his bullfighting provokes few passions. He performs a classic, technical and cold bullfight, and it is difficult for him to excite the spectators. He does everything well, but he transmits little, a circumstance that has accompanied him throughout his career.

Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, before his first bull.Arjona Pagés

And Guillermo Hermoso continues to climb the ranks, although today he has not shown signs of that youthful impetus that he has shown in previous appearances. He has an exceptional stable, he stood out in all the thirds against two very noble bulls, and he failed in the supreme luck: a metisaca in his first and a very rear blow that delayed the death of the sixth. Spirits cooled and he was unable to show off the trophies that he surely deserved. His good opinion stood out, above all, on the back of Berlin in the banderillas third and in the spectacular beauties on both bulls.

By the way, the San Pelayo bulls, owned by El Capea, deserve some prize. They seem to have been created by artificial intelligence for the appearance of gentlemen. Very noble to the point of sainthood, with temperate mobility and of unparalleled class. If some stopped it was because of exhaustion. Bulls are athletes, but some bullfighters, such as Sergio Galán, subject them to excessive and unnecessary races.

This supreme nobility of animals has a negative impact on the emotion of luck because the danger apparently disappears. The curious and striking thing is that the square was full. Better this way.

San Pelayo/Galán, Ventura, Beautiful

Bulls pointed for bullfighting San Pelayocorrect in presentation, brave and very noble, especially the first and the fifth.

Sergio Galan: opposite and rear rejon and three descabellos (ovation); very rear rejón and rear rejón (silence).

Diego Ventura: two jabs and a shout (ovation); rejón on top (two ears).

Guillermo Hermoso of Mendoza: metisaca (ovation); very rear bump and a madness (great applause).

La Maestranza Square. April 14th. Eighth subscription run of the April Fair. Full.

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