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Jarocho, natural bullfighting through the Puerta Grande | Culture

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“Jarocho, a young bullfighter who has had very few celebrations behind him, captivated Las Ventas with an excellent natural bullfighting, filled with length, grace and beauty, the sixth bull of the afternoon, rough, hard and demanding like all the others. . After killing with a pierced thrust, the men, with the goosebumps that real bullfighting produces, asked with unusual force for the two ears that, for the moment, elevate a boy who is already in his first, a low-class hat. , had shown good manners and a recognizable aesthetic concept.

But it was in the last one, after the celebration was illuminated by the honorable dedication of his two companions, in which Jarocho was able to develop “that which he has inside” that the bullfighters repeat so much and that this afternoon has become a great truth.

And what this bullfighter keeps in his gut is depth and naturalness, both preceded by a good head that allows him to think, stand in the right place and bullfight with his waist.

He received that steer on his knees with the cape to draw two long changes, a pair of verónicas, two other chicuelinas and a revolera that caught the attention of the respectable person. He more than fulfilled the animal in rods and galloped in banderillas, which allowed Jarocho Sr. to salute after two good pairs.

With one knee on the ground, from below, Jarocho Jr., crutch in hand, began the last third, and moments later he suffered two blows to the chest, indicative of his opponent’s genius; until halfway through the task, intermittently due to the bully behavior of the bull, he took the deception in his left hand, took a deep breath, and, as if by magic, hypnotized the bull and drew three natural batches that tasted like glory; with the crutch at half height, playing with the waist, extending his arm and accompanied by the roar of the entire square at the spectacular beauty of what was happening in the arena. They were all excellent muletazos, beautiful, magnificently drawn, the beauty of bullfighting in full before a bull that had no choice but to surrender to the evidence.

And a couple of minutes later he left through the Puerta Grande de Las Ventas, as the culmination of a dream that hopefully will be the preamble to a successful future.

Alejandro Peñaranda bullfights his second bull naturally.Alfredo Arévalo (Image provided by Plaza 1)

His co-stars also shone. The most skilled, Alejandro Peñaranda, cut off the fourth man’s ear after a very serious somersault from which he emerged miraculously unharmed. But that mishap was a stimulus for triumph; He armed himself with rage and courage and lifted the audience from their seats with a bullfight with both hands overflowing with dedication and pride against another bull that was not easy. Until then, he had been correct, even bored and bored with the first of the afternoon, the only nobleman of the entire confinement, to whom he did a long and superficial task. The attack served to show that there is a bullfighter.

And something similar, although in a different way, happened to Ismael Martín, who starred in a lackluster third of banderillas in his first, another with genius, which he could not master, and arrived at the fifth ready to change his image. And he certainly succeeded. He celebrated with joy, he flagged more successfully, he toasted the respectable, and he played the hell out of the game in the final third. He is not exquisite, but he showed that he has plenty of courage and determination against another greedy and violent animal that resorted to deception with its face up. The contrasting firmness of the bullfighter and some tight final bernadinas allowed him to justly walk a trophy.

Nobody got bored because neither the hard-fought bullfight of Fuente Ymbro nor the hard-fought victory of the bullfighters allowed it. And the natives of Jarocho, pure grace.

Ymbro/Peñaranda, Martín, Jarocho

Steers of Font Ymbro, -the third, returned as invalid-, well presented, unequal in staves -mansurant the fourth and the fifth, fitted, -noble the first-, rough and difficult; the hat, of Villanuevawell presented and of little class.

Alejandro Penaranda: prick _notice_ lunge (palms); lunge _notice_ (ear).

Ismael Martin: low lunge (silence); detached lunge (ear).

Jarocho: almost entirely laid _notice_ (request and return); thrust across (two ears). She left on her shoulders through the Big Door.

Plaza de las Ventas. May 21th. Tenth celebration of the San Isidro Fair. Three quarters of entry (17,951 spectators, according to the company).

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