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How to negotiate: A Masterclass with Simon Horton in getting what you want

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How to negotiate

A Masterclass in getting what you want with Simon Horton

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Negotiation is unavoidable. Whether it’s interviewing for a new role, buying a home (or even renting), navigating tricky email exchanges  – these scenarios are part of  life. And if we’re underprepared or unconfident, they can be stressful. Nobody wants that sinking feeling of being steamrolled or missing out on an opportunity.

This masterclass with Simon Horton will simplify and demystify the negotiation process, equipping you with proven techniques and practical tools to become a persuasive, self-assured negotiator in any situation.

Using insights from psychology, neuroscience, and from his own research, Simon will teach you practical strategies to help you feel more comfortable when engaging in difficult negotiations. You will learn simple ways to increase trust, and will gain confidence in knowing how far you can push your negotiations – and crucially, how to identify when is the right time to walk away.

Simon Horton is a world-leading negotiation skills trainer who teaches at Imperial College London. He has trained hostage negotiators globally and consulted for some of the world’s largest, most successful organizations. A renowned author on the topic, Horton brings unparalleled expertise from the highest stakes negotiations to this masterclass.

If you tend to find yourself crumbling too quickly, or unsure of when to stand firm, then you’ll benefit from this masterclass. Whether you are seeking to apply the skills professionally or in your personal interaction,  you will learn the secret to any successful negotiation and how to appreciate the perspective of the other, without losing sight of your own desired outcomes.

Date: Tuesday 9th July 2024

Location: Online masterclass
A catch-up recording will be available for two weeks after the class.

How to negotiate

A Masterclass in getting what you want with Simon Horton

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