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“How cool would that be”

by News Room
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Rico Verhoeven has been on top of the kickboxing world for years. In an interview with Sportnieuws media, he reveals that he is definitely looking for more than just kickboxing.

Last Thursday, Rico Verhoeven opened a new gym in Rotterdam together with The Kickboxing Society. The press was also present at the opening, so the kickboxing world champion spoke to Sportnieuws.

When the interviewer asks him if Verhoeven is also open to a boxer as an opponent, the fighter reveals that he is open to it. – The crossover fight definitely looks very cool to me. Coincidentally, I even saw Anthony Joshua kick the other day. How cool would it be to have a boxing and kickboxing match with Anthony Joshua.

Boxing is not a new thing for Verhoeven. It’s been almost ten years since Verhoeven stepped into the ring for a boxing match.

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