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Daan Blanket (Miradouro Travel) is the new number 1 in the Smile Society Top 100

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Sunny Cars has announced the new Smile Society Top 100. Daan Blanket (Miradouro Travel) can call themselves the best in the Netherlands this quarter. The car rental company rewards his efforts with a car rental check worth €500.

Daan founded his company Miradouro Travel 1.5 years ago, a holiday specialist focused on travel to Madeira and the Azores. The surprise is that he is already number 1 on the Top 100 list. “When I got the call, I was surprised. Last year I was also on the list, but at number 31. Even though I have booked a lot of rental cars and my destinations are suitable for exploring with a rental car, I couldn’t believe the first place. I’ll quickly exchange the car rental voucher on my trip to the Azores in a few weeks,” says Daan.

Fieneke van Heusden-Bosters, Account Manager for Retail & ZRA at Sunny Cars Netherlands, says that Daan is living proof that it is possible to reach such a high ranking. “A year and a half ago, Daan contacted us. He wanted a Sunny Cars account to be able to offer rental cars to his customers. When I asked him if he could estimate how many rental cars he plans to sell, he thought this was difficult. Less than two years later, he has achieved amazing results. I’m sure this is due to the passion he has for talking about the islands.

The cards were shuffled again at the beginning of April. Everyone has a chance to get a place on the Smile Association’s Top 100 list again. “In addition to the car rental discount, we will send the last invitations to our September Hymyseura event at the beginning of July. Weren’t you on the list last year? Run the engine at full speed for the next few months. It’s a day dedicated to laughing, screaming and shouting! You want to be here,” says Fieneke.

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