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Borja Jiménez and the president, to the fans’ bench | Culture

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What a controversy has aroused the exit through the Puerta Grande of the right-hander Borja Jiménez and the refusal of the president, José Luis González González, to grant him both ears on his first bull.

Social networks continue to fume among those who consider that the Sevillian bullfighter made more than enough merits to receive the highest award and, consequently, do not hesitate to dress clean to the use, and those who understand that the exit on shoulders is a bullfighting heresy because Jiménez was not up to the task of such a high honor and applaud González’s stubbornness, an unequivocal sign of his knowledge and integrity.

Welcome the controversy to the modern world of bullfighting, which has already forgotten that our grandparents faced clubs for defending Frascuelo against Lagartijo or Belmonte against Gallito.

We welcome the debate because the fundamental foundations of the bullfight are emotion, passion, emotionality, shock…, and all of them are alterations of the mood, very personal and respectable all, and the best reasons to have faith in the future. How good it would be if the San Isidro fair had given several reasons like the one this Friday, not for the blow but for the controversy.

Bullfighting is a feeling; and something else, a mystery. The most difficult subject that anyone can take who notices how their hair stands on end at a brushstroke, no matter how crude, from a privileged person capable of motivating their soul with a bullfighting move.

Bullfighting and its conception is a feeling for each person, depending on the teachings received, the teachers who have educated you, and the personal capacity to understand hidden issues. Because bullfighting is that: a mystery, and everyone understands it, or not, in their own way.

Therefore, it is as respectable to feel subjugated by Borja Jiménez’s actions as it is to agree with the president, who, with all certainty, acted in good faith.

Dogmatism and contempt for those who think differently are therefore meaningless. But the thing is that, in addition, the world of bullfighting constantly demands respect for freedom, and rightly demands it from those who, in an authoritarian manner, attack and try to eradicate the festival. The fans must apply the rule and understand that the disparity of opinions is inherent to this party, in which the usual and historical division of opinions has been replaced by Bulgarian-style unanimity.

You are not a better fan for being intransigent, nor is, logically, the one who goes to the square with no more knowledge than your interest in amortizing the price of the ticket with ears. The best fan—history asserts—is the one who has the most bulls and bullfighters in his head.

What happened this Friday was an emotional shock that somehow captivated everyone who saw the bullfight, and that is what is really important. What difference does it make if the opinions are different? That is the beauty of the bullfight, in which no one has the truth, because it is impossible to grasp a mystery. As simple as that. It is true that in this matter of bullfighting, from respect for plurality to unforgiving dogmatism there is only one step.

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