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The spectacle experienced in Las Ventas, with the ‘no tickets’ sign posted and in front of an audience eager for fun and cheap triumphalism, has been a hoax, a scam, a scam…

The afternoon began to sink in the first bull, with the iron of Toros de Cortés, from the same house as the others; It was evident that he had no business for this square and many steers have been fought here with more presence than that. The strange thing is that many spectators realized this as soon as the animal appeared in the ring and the veterinary team that watches and watches the bulls in the recognitions would not have caught such an important detail. Incomprehensible, but true. That bull, steer, or rather, was unpresentable. There were protests, yes, but few, and of slight noise, which suggests that there are fewer and fewer demanding fans of other times.

The entire bullfight was a deception, with a very uneven performance, which was carried out on the horses, it is true, and it exuded nobility and serenity and a very short duration in the final third.

And a fool’s errand was the performance of the shortlist of figures.

The case of José María Manzanares is very worrying, who preserves his singular elegance, but offers an image of discouragement, distrust, inability and obscurity of ideas that distorts his career. He did not cut off the ear of his first, a blessing of sweet attack, because he could not, but not because the animal did not offer it to him with great pleasure and respect. He charged with rhythm, with good sound, humiliated, and the bullfighter insisted on giving passes and more passes accompanying the journey, always following the python and very detached. And so bullfighting is not possible. There was no delivery and there was excessive superficiality.

Noble and kind was also the fifth, short-lived, like all of them, but a blessed one, and Manzanares showed himself to be a vulgar pegapaso that surprised even the many supporters who eagerly searched for, and did not find, a reason for joy.

Castella, the winner of last year’s fair, passed by on tiptoe. He went unnoticed by the boring and very dull first player, but he gave the respectable the fourth, confident, one supposes, that victory was possible. He began enthusiastically, well planted in the third, high, first, a couple of right hands, a change of hands, a trench and a chest pass, then, presided over by good taste. And he then bullfighted with elegance with a pass of the flowers, and an elegant and very temperate change of hands. And the party is over. He took the crutch with his left hand, abused the peak of deception, and all the initial illusion was blurred. The animal also behaved like a knocked out boxer, and Castella opted for a huddle that interested almost no one.

And Tomás Rufo went out to kill the sixth with the conviction that he could open the Great Gate. There was a fiery audience for that and more. He had cut off an ear on his first after a spectacular somersault that left him battered and a round of well-drawn naturals on a dying bull. He was not denied his disposition – he began on his knees between the two lines with five exciting right hands – but he had the approval of some enthusiastic bullangueros, moved by the beating that the bullfighter received in the beating.

By statuaries he started before the sixth, but the bull had little distance and Rufo preferred the bullfighting off the ground and that went from more to less.

The truly bullfighting part of the afternoon was carried out by the subalterns; on the one hand, the picadors Manuel José Bernal and Paco María, and, on the other, Fernando Sánchez, Rafael Viotti, Juan José Trujillo, Sergio Blasco and Daniel Duarte, with the banderillas, who were also accompanied by José Chacón, with the sticks, and in the fight of the first bull.

Del Río/Castella, Manzanares, Rufo

Five bulls Victoriano del Río, unequal in presentation, dutiful in horses, noble, bland and soft; the first of Bulls of Cortéstwisted and very bland.

Sebastian Castella: jab and short thrust and fall (silence); _notice_ lunge (ovation).

José María Manzanares: half lunge in the luck of receiving (ovation); three punctures and thrust that causes spillage (silence).

Thomas Rufo: half a lunge that causes bleeding (ear); two jabs and a falling lunge (silence).

Plaza de las Ventas. May 16. Sixth bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

A minute of silence was observed in tribute to Joselito ‘el Gallo’.

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