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Big Door for Alejandro Chicharro | Culture

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Alejandro Chicharro from Madrid cut off the ear of two of the three bulls he killed and left on his shoulders through the Puerta Grande after leaving a positive image in the ring as a bullfighter of courage and good manners.

His partner Jesús Moreno had worse luck and was taken by ambulance to a clinic where he will spend the next few days recovering from the serious goring he suffered shortly after the celebration began.

And two more notes: the first, the massive and surprising influx of public that came to Las Ventas, 14,627 people, according to the Plaza 1 company, many spectators for a minor celebration, with little-known protagonists. It seems that the Community of Madrid is generous on the occasion of the Fair and gives away tickets to anyone who shows interest. If it becomes a hobby, fine, but they could announce it and display a transparency that is unusual in everything related to bullfighting. And the second: steers from six farms, several of them not very popular; Of the six examples, Montealto’s stood out, brave in the second punch, solid and very noble in the final third. And the others, unequal in the game, like the vast majority of the bulls that fight the figures. How come there are no bulls in the field?

Bugles and kettledrums sounded and Jesús Moreno prepared to cross the arena to kneel in the middle, in front of the bullpen door. The first bull came out, dressed in a cape, fixed its gaze on the boy and headed towards him with evil intentions. The bullfighter avoided the attack as best he could and fell to the ground, where the animal turned him over by his feet, first, and then twice more, by his shoulder pads and thigh, where he managed to gore him. It took Moreno to regain verticality, aware of the injury, and he was transferred to the infirmary, from where he left on his way to the hospital.

That audience with a free ticket is usually boisterous, applauding and generous with the bullfighters, and this was demonstrated throughout the afternoon.

One cannot deny Chicharro his magnificent disposition – very varied and bustling with the cape all afternoon -, his firmness and the good concept of incipient bullfighting that bubbles in his head, but he was below the quality of the bull of Montealto, brave on the horse, and fit and noble in the other thirds. He quickly went to the cites on a long trip, with fixity and humiliation, and the bullfighter lacked rest, which is synonymous with command and mettle. All of his work was too fast and lacked cohesion. He killed with one thrust, heard two warnings and walked the first ear.

His work was silenced in the second, outcast and stopped, and he drew the best muletazos of the afternoon in which he closed the square, a very noble and timid steer that allowed him to stand out in two natural long runs of good lines and depth. He had started the task on his knees in the third and warmed up the cold environment with three clean right hands and a beautiful shot, already standing, that enraged those standing.

Juan Herrero had worse luck. The one who killed by grabbing Moreno was a garment with very bad ideas and dispatched it promptly. He was able to show his good attitude with the one who finished third in a long and uneven task that improved when the animal lost rough mobility and tempered its attacks. They asked for his ear, but the president, generous with his partner, this time became serious and put the handkerchief away. And Herrero only willingly could stand before his third, an ox that refused to charge.

Six ranches/Moreno, Herrero, Chicharro

Correct presentation steers Aurelio Hernando (1st), very tame and dull; Montealto (2nd), brave, noble and established; Sandoval Brothers (3rd), meek and noble; Concha and Sierra (4th), meek and very outcast; Cerro Longo (5th), defunded and casteless, and the sixth of Angel Luis Penameek, noble and bottomless.
Jesus Moreno: caught when receiving his first steer. Medical report: Wound in the posterior third of the left thigh with two trajectories; one, descending, 30 cm. that reaches the popliteal fossa, and another towards the anterior face of 20 cm. which bruises the sciatic nerve and reaches the femur. Serious prognosis.

Juan Herrero: low lunge (silence); almost entire thrust _notice_ (request and ovation); almost complete and two crazy things (ovation).

Alejandro Chicharro: rear lunge _warning_ _second warning_ (ear); lunge, a jerk and the bull lies down (silence); lunge (ear). She left on her shoulders through the Big Door.

Plaza de las Ventas. May 1. Community Fair. More than half an entry (14,627 spectators, according to the company).

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