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Will Colin forgive Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3?

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There may be no spoilers for readers of the eight-part romance book series. They know exactly which of Viscountess Violet Bridgerton’s eight (married) children will have whom in author Julia Quinn’s historically parallel universe. But the last four episodes of the successful TV series based on the books may still surprise. Popularity Bridgerton giving the creators the courage to run with it (a little).

For those new to the series, what’s unique about the series is that the Regency era in which it takes place in the early 1800s is not as white as we’ve seen in the books and movies so far. With Britain ruled by a colorful queen, British society at the time was a comprehensive utopia. And, spicy: it makes a lot less sense than Jane Austen’s books. In Bridgerton no girl marries a virgin, although of course the double standard still applies to men and women. These are explained in detail in the anonymous gossip chronicle of “Lady Whistledown”. Sap channel avant la lettre. These pages, voiced by veteran actress Julie Andrews with great irony, give the series its resilience and style.

The double standard is again a major theme in the third season, which has had four episodes online since May, with the final four airing this week. The third season revolves around the relationship between timid, well-read outsider Penelope Featherington and the third boy, Colin Bridgerton, whom she has had a crush on since childhood. After a broken heart and a big European tour, he’s back in “the ton” (of which: the right tone, which means good manners, but in the series refers to London high society). But the Penelope we’ve known since the season two finale also turns out to be Lady Whistledown’s genius. Will Colin forgive him? After all, he is one of Whistledown’s victims, and not a competent writer himself. There are many dramatic possibilities. But we’re not allowed to give spoilers because the plot is guarded by Netflix as if it were the virginity of a noble young woman.

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What’s so great is that there’s a lot to speculate about. Recently published Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story: the origin story of how “ton” became so colorful, and the touching love story of the marriage of “crazy” King George and Queen Charlotte. Lady Whistledown also plays a significant role in this, long before Penelope is born. Isn’t Penelope the only gossip? And why has Charlotte been so obsessed with finding this woman since season one? Or do Penelope and Colin write historical novels together, like the 19th century version of the author couple Nicci French? It would be 1-0 for emancipation.

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