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White Rabbit | NPO Radio 2

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Singer Grace Slick sings in The Great Society when former Jefferson Airplane singer Signe Anderson announces she is leaving the band. Slick moves on to Jefferson Airplane, and not long after, the band releases Surreal pillow from: the album they officially broke through two years after the band’s formation. This album includes Somebody To Love and White Rabbit. Slick originally wrote the latter song for his old band, but experienced great commercial success with Jefferson Airplane.

Go ask Alice…

Slick’s visions from an LSD trip permeate the song. She also draws inspiration from Alice In Wonderland when writing, because Alice is not a typical fairy tale princess. “All fairy tales read to girls include a charming prince who comes to save the princess. But not inside Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice was alone, in a strange place, but she continued her journey and followed her curiosity – it’s a “white rabbit”, she says. Caretaker.


In 1967, the Summer of Love took over San Francisco. Psychedelic drugs, sexual freedom, spiritual discovery, and protests against the Vietnam War were commonplace for many teenagers in the California town. “The 60s were like a wonderland for me. Like Alice, I met all kinds of strange characters, but I felt comfortable, says Slick Caretaker. Drugs played an important role in San Francisco’s music scene. “Psychedelic drugs showed you alternate realities. You open yourself up to things that are unusual and different, and when you realize that there are other ways of looking at things, you become more accepting of the things around you,” Slick continues.

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