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What does it mean to respect a building? | From the shooter to the city | Culture

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In the commune of Sainte-Lucie de Tallano (Corsica) the Corsican architect Amalia Tavella (1977) rescued a Franciscan convent using copper. Although the building had been a castle before becoming a convent, nothing remained of that original building from 1480 other than monumental ruins that could not be touched. It wasn’t the architecture that made the ruins monumental, it was the place. Not so much the design as its sublime location, in front of a promontory.

It was that place that brought the Franciscan friars there in search of peace, inspiration and meditation. That is why Tavella, who claims to believe in invisible forces, speaks of the supernatural beauty of the place: “Here beauty produces faith. Nature has grown inside and on the stones, protecting the convent from erosion.” Tavella’s intervention follows that line. Nature will also transform the new perforated copper body that recovers the original volume of the castle-convent. This material will change. It will transform, it will show the passage of time.

The Corsican architect worked on the connection with the views and with the place and reinforced the simple, but imposing image of the convent. Today, the building is the same as it was 500 years ago. It is very close to that of the memory of the living, but it is complete. And it has a use: the copper addition that completes it, rescues the stone part as an exhibition hall.

Detail of the facade of the new/old building.Thibaut Dini

Thus, the intervention of the architects heals, recovers and honors. However, it is almost artistic. A form of modernity that does not need to start from scratch. Who listens and does not destroy. The ruins act as foundations. “Also as truth, as cardinal points that guide our choices,” said the architect.

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