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What Do The Spanish Think of French? The Ugly Truth

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No. They don’t hate each other if that’s the answer you’re looking for. There’s a lot more in the story. You need to understand the background.

I’ve heard a thousand times: “Spanish don’t like French” and I’m sure almost 95% of those people say it just because they are neighbors and are making jokes about it… ‘cause actually Spaniards are very friendly people.

But don’t worry, I’ll make it easy peasy for you to understand what Spanish People REALLY Think of French. I may give you some examples, share different opinions and talk a little bit about history and some juicy beef between these countries to spice things up.

Now, I want you to focus and picture yourself back in the medieval century (I know you weren’t there but at least try to imagine it, okay?)

Spanish and French People: A *Love* Story


Yes, a lot happened there. Right? I believe you’re ready to know the things Spanish people really think of French:

1. They Have a Lot of Pride

Seee!! I told you it only makes sense after you’ve understood the whole thing…

Now that you know France was (past tense) used to being first in everything I can tell you that some Spanish people believe that the French see themselves as “above” or better than everyone else in their accomplishments.

2. They Are Very Romantic

Spanish People love France. It’s a beautiful country full of romanticism, love and it is a world-leading country in terms of culture. Without even mentioning they invented croissants… (a classic but true fact). Their efforts in gastronomy, arts, literature, fashion and talented people have made Spanish people in love with their country.

3. They Are Very Patriotic

Spaniards low key admired all the power French people had back in the old days. It was inspiring for them and when it comes to nation building they know better.

4. Let’s Talk About Them as Individuals

They have cultural differences. When compared to the Spanish, French can be seen as more arrogant and rude but because Spanish tend to be more warm and sociable. (at least that’s what the stereotype says) BUT – that doesn’t mean you will not find AMAZING people in France.

You can find nice and rude people everywhere, that’s life! You can’t put someone in a box just because you had a bad experience, and France is such a diverse nation.

This is why generalizations can be harmful in the long run… it can turn out in misunderstandings and resentment which doesn’t allow you to meet new people and be open.

5. They Are Very Secure In Themselves

They know their strengths. This can be seen in their criticism about food.

Have you ever been to a French restaurant and they roast you for eating / ordering food incorrectly to the waitress? Yes… It happens.

It is part of French culture to respect their way of cooking which is deeply rooted to traditions. French see it as a lack of appreciation if you go to their country and don’t even bother in doing the things right. But Spanish people sometimes complain about it and say they should chill out.

6. “They are good neighbors, we are like cousins”

They have been there when needed. Spanish contribution to France is immense and nowadays there is so much appreciation for France as a country and the French. But of course, cousins make jokes about each other and there are some things they don’t completely like about Spaniards and vice versa.

In general, Spanish and French get each other very well 🙂

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