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What are Spaniards? & the big difference with the Spanish

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Is it a race, an ethnicity, or a football team? What are Spaniards? You’ll be surprised that we are so much more than just a name.

And I say “we,” supposing you already know what this word means… But I’m sure you don’t understand the difference with Spanish. And please don’t lie to yourself because many people don’t know as well, there’s no shame in that!

In this post, I’ll show you what Spaniards are, where they come from, what they do, what they think (kidding but no kidding), and everything else you can imagine!

Get ready for some history masterclass so let’s get started!

1. Spaniards: People from Spain

Spaniard means people from Spain. The term’s accurate definition, in other words, is a romance ethnic group used to describe someone native from Spain.

2. Where do Spaniards come from?

Let’s go waaay back for this. The first people who inhabited Spain were the Celtics, Iberians, and Basques. I hope this infographic helps you understand history better!

A timeline through history: Where do Spaniards come from?

3. Are Spaniard and Spanish the same?

Yes and no. Spaniards is a term only used for describing Spain’s nationality. It only refers to people from Spain or that have origins there.
The big difference is that Spanish refers to the Spanish language and nationality.
They are not the same since you can’t say: I speak Spaniard. It would be the same as saying I speak American instead of English. Do we understand? Okay, then, let’s move on.

4. Are Spaniards the same as Latino?

Spaniard is not the same as Latino. Just no. (nothing wrong about it but simply not true). I’ve heard people use both terms interchangeably a thousand times, and it’s wrong.
Spaniards, once again, is only used to describe someone who is from Spain or that has origins in Spain. While Latino is a shortcut for Latin American, which refers to individuals who are geographically located in the American Continent and therefore have Latin roots.

5. What Spaniards do

Now let’s talk about some exciting stuff. Famous spanish people, what they do, what they’ve done, and why they’re relevant today. You’ll see how they’ve had a legacy in the world for decades.

  • Famous Spanish People in History

Let’s begin our Masterclass by mentioning the most iconic Spanish People that are really famous in the world for their legacy in different cultural aspects (these are just a few)
Does Pablo Picasso sound familiar to you? Okay, he is a Spaniard! (I’m really proud to say that if you notice) If you want to make yourself an idea of what a Spaniard is, just keep him in mind because we are all as brilliant as him! (jk I wish…)
My favorite Spanish artist will forever be Diego Velazquez. He was an icon in The Golden Age (1556-1659 approx). He painted many royal portraits, and his most famous one is called Las Meninas.
If you’re in Spain and want to visit a cool place of modern art mixed with an immersive experience, then I have a place for you! Visit Velazquez Tech museum in Madrid. It’s fascinating and an excellent plan for a cute couple’s date!

Las Meninas Velazquez Tech
Las Meninas at Velazquez Tech Museum. Madrid, Spain.

Following our Spanish Art Masterclass, we have Antonio Gaudí, he was a Spanish architect from Barcelona. Many of his buildings are emblematic of this city. Walking the streets of Barcelona allows you to experience his artistic legacy. Even La Sagrada Familia building remains unfinished to this day! And last but not least, talking about Barcelona, we have to mention Salvador Dalí! He was a Spaniard surrealist artist born in Cataluña. He is well-known for his imaginative paintings, such as The Persistence of Memory.

There are many Spaniards who have had an incredible legacy in world history. But I would like to mention one that almost no one talks about!
Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

Okay… who is this, and why is he important? Well… he was a Spanish physician and scientist… oh and I forgot to mention that he is the founder of modern neurobiology and won a NOBEL PRIZE in Physiology or Medicine (I’m speechless, too). He was the first to accurately report the fine anatomy of the nervous system. If you’re interested in science or are familiar with the topic, I suggest you read more about him on this link:

So… If I got you wondering about Spanish personalities and how Spaniards are today, let’s talk a little bit about how Spanish people look and some stereotypes!

Spaniards are known for being warm and kind. They’re very friendly people and will offer help to everyone who needs it. I’m sure they’ll become your partner in crime in no time! If there’s an opportunity to meet new people, they’ll take it.
In Spain, people really enjoy their lives. They don’t live to work. They work to live a pleasant life! Spanish people know how to sit and enjoy a good meal with their friends and loved ones. They will always care for each other and be direct with their wants. If they like you, they’ll tell you.

Here are some of the most famous stereotypes!

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