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What a merit…!

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If it is true that bullfighting is a miracle, which it is, what happened in La Maestranza is irrefutable proof of the veracity of the statement. The three bullfighters on the poster fight very little (Lama, six bullfights in 2023, and Calerito and Ruiz Muñoz, three each), and the first two have made part of those dreams come true that so many sleepless nights will have drawn in their personal film of triumphs.

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Lama de Góngora, to Veronica in her first bull.

Bohórquez/L. de Góngora, R. Muñoz, Calerito

Bulls of Fermin Bohorquez, well presented, brave, the first three on the horse, noble, soft and without bellows; meek and dull fourth and fifth, and meek and mobile the sixth.

Lama de Góngora: two jabs _notice_ and thrust (ovation); low lunge (ear).

Ruiz Muñoz: two punctures, four crazy things _notice_ four crazy things and the bull lays down (silence); two punctures, deep puncture, one crazy thing _notice_ and four crazy things (silence).

Calerito: lunge (ear); short lunge loose _warning_ and a hair loss (ear). She carried herself out the gang door.

La Maestranza Square. April 7. Second subscription run for the April Fair. More than half an entry.

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