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We are as we look. Paula Bonet

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June 27th | 20.00 hours

Entry to benefit Platform Violence Zero

Available on Monday, June 18 at 8:00 p.m.:

‘We are as we look’ is a cycle directed by Paula Bonet that combines literature and painting. Through conversations between authors, readings of texts and live painting, it seeks to teach us how the gaze influences thought. In its sixth and last event of the 2024 season, we will have the presence of the well-known Mexican writer Brenda Navarro and the prestigious writer Milena Busquets. Under the direction of the event by Paula Bonet herself, the authors will talk about how images influence their texts, taking various examples as reference. On the colloquium table, the public will be able to see on the screens in the room the notes, drawings and paintings that Paula will be taking in her notebooks.

Paula Bonet

Painter and writer with a long career both in Spain and in America and, especially, Chile. She is the author of The Eel (a novel published by Anagrama and a pictorial exhibition that will be presented in 2024 at the prestigious Vila Casas Foundation) and illustrated books of enormous acceptance. Columnist in various media (El País,, etc.), she directs the La Madriguera workshop, a creation space only for women from which she also organizes artistic trips around the world.

Milena Busquets

Spanish writer and journalist, daughter of Esther Tusquets and the poet Esteban Busquets. She grew up in an environment surrounded by literature. In 2015, she published her second novel This too will pass, which aroused the interest of publishers, critics and readers, becoming an overwhelming success. In 2019 it is published Stylish men and other itemswhich includes his work for El Periódico, and, in 2021, Echohis second novel.

Brenda Navarro

Mexican writer, sociologist and economist based in Madrid, known for her novels empty houses y Ash in the mouth. In addition, she has been a writer, scriptwriter, reporter and editor, and has worked in various NGOs related to human rights. She was founder of #EnjambreLiterario, a project focused on publishing works written by women.

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