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This student from Ghent can explain it very well: Wout (20) is a world champion in diplomacy (Ghent)

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Wout Serras became the world champion of diplomacy with his student organization.© if


Ghent student Wout Serras (20) has become the “world champion of diplomacy” together with the Belgian student delegation. In a conference organized in Taiwan, students from different parts of the world gathered to discuss current issues.

If you look at MUN Society Belgium (MSB) – the student organization that represents Belgium in international diplomacy competitions – the future of our country looks bright in the field of diplomacy. The organization won the world championship for the eleventh time in the event’s history.

Student Wout Serras has been a member of MSB since this year and proudly recalls his team’s achievements. “More than a thousand students attended the conference in Taiwan. They come from all over the world. What we have achieved is quite good.”

The Taiwan World Championships was one of three simulated conferences held annually for students. One is held in Oxford, the other in London, and Harvard University brought students together in Taiwan this year. (read more below the picture)

In the simulated conference, our country was represented by 23 students.© if

Retirement age

The motivated young people discussed important issues on the UN agenda for five days. For example, the representatives of the Belgian delegation had to discuss, among other things, the Syrian refugee crisis and the global implementation of the retirement age.

“Each topic had its own committee where it was discussed with different countries. Belgian students represented Canada, Pakistan and Denmark. You were assigned the country and the committee in advance and you had to read them. This way you can discuss according to the position of the country you represent.”

MSB members clearly did this well, as the team won several awards and eventually the World Championship. Serras found the event very interesting, but does not dream of a career as a diplomat. “I study physics as a civil engineer. Last year I saw an article about MSB and registered but it has nothing to do with my studies.

The students are currently spending a well-deserved vacation in the Philippines before returning home.

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