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This is how we make women champions in artificial intelligence

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But in any case, companies want – if all goes well – to use artificial intelligence responsibly. Heu-Weller knows that intention and trust are important. It must be fair and comprehensive, secure (privacy!), transparent and accountable. “To achieve this, you need people above all. That’s why we first brought expertise from outside Microsoft. Experts, NGOs, lawyers, etc., you need to think carefully about the implications of AI and who it affects. Why do we consider it so important? Well, companies that don’t protect people are not trusted. Not even protecting people is not an option.

Owen once again emphasizes the advantage of diversity. “It always leads to business success, better profitability. Conversely, it comes at the expense of profitability. And then he goes back to saying “woman in the room, job done” (revised). Owen: ‘Of course that’s not true at all. Women often have a different take on things, and you shouldn’t pretend you don’t hear it. So not “I hear what you’re saying…” and then back to the order of the day, but men’ (he turns to the men in the audience), “if you don’t understand it right away, just say “I don’t fully understand it, but I’ll do my best to understand it !” (Owen’s position can count on a loud ‘woohoooeoeoeoe!!!’ from the audience.)

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