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These are the income and expenses of Marike, the owner of the escort agency

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At the age of 21, Marike van der Velden (40) chose a career path that she hadn’t thought about in years. He founded the company Society Service, a successful high-class escort service. How much does he earn from this, what does he use it for and what amount do his escorts collect for the booking? Marike reveals everything inside and out.

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Escort agency owner Marike’s income and expenses

Income: €6,500 net – divided by:

  • Own company salary: €4,000
  • Rental income: €2,500

Total expenses: €6475 – divided by:

  • Fixed costs (GWL, VVE costs, municipal taxes) – €1750: “I invested most of my profits in real estate and I am now mortgage-free. My housing expenses only consist of GWL and VVE expenses in addition to some maintenance and other recurring expenses. Since I own several homes, it’s still quite a sum.”
  • Telephone, internet and TV – €0: “But these are business expenses: 400 euros for telephone costs and 100 euros for internet.”
  • Clothes – €250: “Ten years ago, I spent a lot more money on it. I don’t enjoy shopping anymore. I actually found that less stuff and a little “discharge” gives me peace of mind. When I buy something new, I prefer to choose high quality and something that I will enjoy for a long time. And not so much for a designer brand or the latest trends.
  • Going out/doing fun things – €1,500: “I love delicious, versatile cooking and dining with friends. Let’s be honest: I wouldn’t hesitate to spend a thousand euros on dinner or an afternoon of shopping at my favorite wholesaler because
    this often involves quality time with the people dearest to me.”
  • Investment – €1,500
  • Save – €1000: “I save the rest of my income for taxes and nice trips.”
  • Insurance – €375: “My building, contents and liability insurance alone costs me €200 a month, which is related to several of my houses.”

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What does an average day in the life look like and what do you earn from it?

“I don’t work as an escort myself and although most of my work takes place behind the computer, no day is the same for me. There are so many different tasks involved in running a business. One day I’m talking to new escorts, the next day I’m organizing a photo shoot or a course day or I’m talking to an accountant or other experts I work with. As an entrepreneur, I can determine my own salary to some extent. In my case, it is around 4,000 euros net per month. I also earn a few thousand euros a month in rental income from the properties I own.

How much do your escorts make on dates?

“I work with about sixty women and men, who receive an average of 65 percent of my turnover. Most of the reservations are made in consultation with me. I help the customer in choosing an escort and/or making a reservation. The return per booking can vary enormously, because the duration of the bookings also varies greatly. But on average, an escort earns around 600 euros net from one booking. There is no minimum or maximum number of bookings, the escort can decide when they want to work. Experience shows that someone makes an average of one to three bookings a week, and everyone also has a full-time job or study.”

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